Professional Information


I have collected most of my research data on the following topics, as related to culture, and to social and personality development across the lifespan:

  • Fathering
  • Parental beliefs about childrearing and child development
  • Peer group relations and the development of cooperation and competition
  • The development of self-respect, respect, and disrespect in contexts of school and family

My scholarly interests as a developmental psychologist focus on the question of how fathers, families, and schools influence culture-based values and behavior in children and adolescents.  My data have most often been based on self-report-measures, and I have also published research studies that utilized naturalistic observations, experiments, interviews, meta-analysis, content analysis, and participant observation methodologies.  I lived in Japan for nine years, first as a college student, and then as a teacher, researcher, parent and professor, and have collected most of my data in Asia.

Scholarship 2014-2015

My priority activities this year include the following:

  1. Complete book chapter titled "Parents and child care in Korea and Japan" for Childhood and adolescence: Cross-cultural perspectives and applications (U. Gielen & J. Roopnarine, Editors)
  2. Publish Handbook of English Expressions for Psychology Writing (with Asakura Shoten Publishing, Tokyo) of key expressions used writing research reports for publication in peer-reviewed English-language journals, with co-authors Masaharu Takahashi and Barbara J. Shwalb (in Japanese)
  3. Serve as a bridge between Asian and American psychologists, for instance as the abstracts editor for the "Japanese Journal of Developmental Psychology" and the “Japanese Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect”
  4. As a former President and Webmaster/Listserv Administrator for the Society for Cross-Cultural Research, contribute to the Society’s 2015 annual conference and manage the Society’s web site
  5. Submit a proposal to edit a new book (TBA).

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