Professional Information


I have collected most of my research data on the following topics, as related to culture, and to social and personality development across the lifespan:

  • Fathering
  • The development of self-respect, respect, and disrespect in contexts of school and family
  • Parental beliefs about childrearing and child development
  • Peer group relations and the development of cooperation and competition

My scholarly interests as a developmental psychologist focus on the question of how families and schools influence culture-based values and behavior in children and adolescents.  My data have most often been based on self-report-measures, and I have also published research studies that utilized naturalistic observations, experiments, interviews, meta-analysis, content analysis, and participant observation methodologies.  I lived in Japan for nine years, first as a college student, and then as a teacher, researcher, parent and professor, and have collected most of my data in Asia.

Scholarship 2013-2014

My priority activities this year include the following:

  1. Conclude research projects on self-respect, disrespect, and self-esteem, and on In-group / out-group preferences in relation to dual-immersion classrooms, with student research teams
  2. Complete book chapter titled "Fathering Diversity Within Nations" for Oxford Handbook of Human Development and Culture (L. Jensen, Editor)
  3. Publish handbook (in Japanese with Asakura Shoten Publishing) of key expressions used writing research reports for publication in peer-reviewed English-language journals, with co-authors Masaharu Takahashi and Barbara J. Shwalb
  4. Serve as a bridge between Asian and American psychologists, for instance as the abstracts editor for the "Japanese Journal of Developmental Psychology" and the “Japanese Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect”
  5. As a former President and Webmaster/Listserv Administrator for the Society for Cross-Cultural Research, contribute to the Society’s 2014 annual conference and manage the Society’s web site

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