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be heard!
Text Box: Anne LaMott:
 Ever since I was a little kid, Iíve thought there was something noble and mysterious about writing, about the people who could do it well, who could create a world as if they were little gods or sorcerers. All my life Iíve felt there was something magical about people who could get into other peopleís minds and skin, who could take people like me out of ourselves and then take us back to ourselves. And do yu know what? I still do.

Course objectives

The current SUU catalog describes ENGL 2020 this way:

A process-based approach to the forms and craft of poetry, fiction,
creative nonfiction, and drama emphasizing practical craft, workshop, techniques, and reading in traditional and contemporary forms.


As a result of this course, you will be able to do the following:

 Write in a variety of genres, showing critical awareness Revise to strengthen ideas, form, voice,† and language

 Edit and proofread documents for grammar, syntax, †††††† common usage, and punctuation

 Produce focused, concrete, and constructive †††††† critiques of† your own efforts and those of your colleagues


Course Requirements:

 ATTENDANCE: Because attendance is required, 10 points will be deducted for every absence unless you provide documentation of an illness, family emergency, military obligation, or school sanctioned event.† Any one who misses more than eight unexcused class periods will automatically fail.† No one who misses more than 3 unexcused class periods will be eligible for an Grade of A† See the policy link for more details.


 READING AND WRITING: Our work will be organized into six modules:† why write/the writing process (100 points);† matters of style (50 points); drama of dialogue (100 points); memoir (250 points); short fiction (250 points) poetry (250 points)

 Reading and responding to 3-5 articles concerned with the CRAFT of writing† (30 percent of the unit grade)

 Reading and responding to 4-10 PIECES of writing (40 percent of the unit grade)

 Creating, workshopping, revising and editing YOUR OWN WRITING† (30 percent of the unit grade). Please note than anyone who fails to complete a workshop with a full draft will automatically fail this portion of the modual.


NOTE: Starting with Week 2 of the semester, you will be using the CANVAS system to submit all out-of-class assignments as well as your creative work.



Doty, Mark, ed. The Best American Poetry 2012. 971439181539


Kitchen, Judith, ed. Short Takes. 0-393-32600-4


LaMott, Anne. Bird by Bird. 0385480016

Lukeman, Noah. A Dash of Style. 978-0-393-32980-3


Shapard, Robert, and James Thomas, ed. Sudden Fiction .


The BC204 Writing Center, where writers of all levels of expertise can find help, is open† 8-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 1-8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday.† You may earn 10 bonus points for each creative project by actively participating in† a full Writing Center consultation by no later than noon before the final draft due date