Professional Information


Michael Stathis
  • B.S.- University of Utah -- Political Science
  • M.A. - University of Utah Middle East Center -- Middle Eastern Studies (Persian)
    Thesis: "Napoleon and the East: The Persian Intrigue 1804-1810"
  • Ph.D. - University of Utah International Relations (Law, Organization and Politics)
    Dissertation: "Causes of the First Gulf War: Personal Perceptions of Secular-Based and Belief-Based Dimensions of Interest and Power"


Biographical Information

Michael Stathis

Dr. G. Michael Stathis is currently Professor of Political Science and International Relations (with Tenure) in the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah.  Professor Stathis has taught Political Science since 1974 and has taught at SUU since 1991.  He has served as Associate Instructor at the University of Utah and Visiting Professor at Brigham Young University.  Professor Stathis received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science in 1971 from the University of Utah and his Master of Arts degree in Middle Eastern Studies (Persian) from the Middle East Center at the University of Utah in 1976.  Professor Stathis completed his Ph.D. in Political Science:  International Relations (Law, Organization and Politics) at the University of Utah in 1995.  His dissertation was titled “Causes of the First Gulf War:  Personal Perceptions of Secular-Based and Belief-Based Dimensions of Interest and Power.”

Dr. Stathis has published several scholarly papers, numerous newspaper articles, and part of a book chapter:  “In Spite of Charges of Victors’ Justice and the Questionable Inclusion of Soviet Judges, The Nuremberg Trials Were Fair” in Tandy McConnell, ed., History in Dispute, Volume 11:  The Holocaust (2003), and an encyclopedia article entitled “Islam” in Neil J Salkind, Ph.D., ed., Encyclopedia of Human Development (2005). He is also a regular radio guest on the British Forces Broadcasting System (SITREP) commenting on world affairs.  Professor Stathis delivered and published the 1995 Distinguished Faculty Honor Lecture at Southern Utah University entitled “The Crusades: A Modern Perspective on the 900th Anniversary of the Event,” and teaches a number of political science courses including Introduction to International Relations, Middle Eastern Political Thought, International Law and Organization, Theories of International Relations, International Conflict, the President, Congress, the Constitution and Foreign Policy, Politics and Film, and American Foreign Policy.  Dr. Stathis also serves as the Director for the International Relations Certificate at SUU.  Recently Dr. Stathis lectured at the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan, and is currently working on a book project regarding the three wars in the Persian Gulf.  Most recently he co-authored a paper entitled “Democracy and Islam:  Promises and Perils for the Arab Spring Protests” in The Journal of Global Responsibility which was recognized as Outstanding Paper Award Winner, Literati Network Award for Excellence (2013).

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