Thermodynamics (ENGR 3000)


Students learn the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, thermodynamic properties of fluids, the first and second laws of thermodynamics and their application to closed systems, irreversibility and its relation to lost work. The course covers energy relationships involving heat and work and various forms of energy, and introduces the student to thermodynamic cycles (gas and steam power cycles, refrigeration cycles).
Class Time:  MWF   9:00–9:50 am (Fall)
Prerequisites:   PHYS 2220 & MATH 2210
Textbook:  Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach, Çengel & Boles, McGraw-Hill, 6th edition.
ISBN No.: 007-352921-4   (13-digit: 978-007-352921-9)



Jet engine on an MD-80  (courtesy Contran Ltd.)






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