Southern Utah University
EET Student Senior Projects

Peter Howe's "Servo-Bot" EET Senior Project

         Peter's servo-bot uses 2 modified servo motors controlled by a Parallax Basic Stamp II  The servo-bot uses infrared    light and receivers which are pulsed using PIC's for navigation and object avoidance.  Underneath the chassis is also an infrared light system for line following.  Peter is shown below wearing his Utah State VICA silver medal for the electronics technology contest for 2000.  Peter also won a Utah state VICA silver medal in 1999 for the computer competition.

            Peter has also developed in inexpensive toy robot which he calls "Tupper-Bot" since its body is made from a tupper-ware type of container.  Peter and several other students produced and sold over 25 of these mobile robots.  The tupper-bot has flashing LED's, moves around in random patterns, beeps and has a spring inside which reverses the drive motor directions when it hits an object.

Michael Roy's "OD1" EET Senior Project

            Michael's OD1 mobile robot uses 2 gear-head motors for its drive system and is controlled by a Parallax Basic Stamp II  The OD1 robot uses bumper switches for object avoidance and navigation.  Michael is still working out some bugs on the RF homing feature which will allow the robot to find its charging station when the batteries get below a certain point.  Michael is shown below wearing his Utah state VICA Gold medal for the 2000 electronics technology contest and his silver medal for the 1999 contest.

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