Chemical Laboratory Safety

“A Virtual Workshop”

Chemistry 2010


Instructor:  Dr. Kim Weaver

Office:  Science Building Room 216

Phone:  865-8047


Lecture Schedule:  On going

Office Hours:              By appointment


Objective:  To give participants the knowledge necessary to provide a safe classroom and laboratory.  Participants will have knowledge concerning various aspects of laboratory safety including safety equipment, MSDS Sheets, chemical disposal, chemical safety plans, etc.  In addition, successful participants should be able to create their own safety plan for their use.  This workshop will fulfill the safety certification requirement for the physical science endorsement.



Safe Science: Be Protected” by Kenneth R. Roy Ph.D. This may be purchased from the Laboratory Safety.  Other resources or links to material will be made available during the course of the workshop.


 To purchase, go to or click : Here


Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Disposal of Chemicals (1995)
Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications.  A free copy is online for review at


Tests Policy:   No tests will be given.  However quizzes will given after each workshop session.


Grading Policy:  Your grade will be based upon active participation and completion of a laboratory safety plan specific to your classroom where:

      90-100 %                                            A

      80-90 %                                              B

      70-80 %                                              C


Points for each activity will be awarded as follows.


Quizes                                     50        points

Participation                             100      points

MSDS Assignment #1              50        points

MSDS Assignment #2              100      points

Safety Inspection                     150      points

Chemical Hygiene Plan            300      points

Total                                        750      points


Assignments should be turned in in person or via e-mail


Honesty Policy: Scholastic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.  You are expected to have read and understood the current issue of the student handbook regarding student responsibilities and rights for information about procedure and about what constitutes acceptable on-campus behavior.


Participation Policy: Teachers are expected to participate during each session.  Participation will include completing reading assignments and participating in our on line Discussions.  Failure to not make the required amount of comments will be considered as not participating in that session and participation points will not be awarded for that session.  Each of the first seven sessions will be worth 14 points.  The final 2 points will be awarded at the instructor’s discretion.



Changes to Syllabus:  Information contained in this syllabus, other than the grading, and participation policies, may be subject to change with advance notice, as deemed appropriate by the instructor.







Common Safety Measures

Reading Assignment, Quiz & Discussion


Common Safety Problems

Reading Assignment, Quiz & Discussion


MSDS Sheets

Reading Assignment, Two MSDS Assignments & Discussion


Extra Safety Stuff

Reading Assignment, Quiz & Discussion


Chemical Hygiene Plan

Reading Assignment, Quiz & Discussion


Chemical Hygiene Plan

Reading Assignment, Draft Chemical Hygiene Plan & Discussion


Overcoming Safety Obstacles at your School

Safety inspection, Discussion


Chemical Hygiene Plan

Submit A Working Chemical Hygiene Plan


Reading assignments are detailed in each session summary which can be accessed from the course menu as “Session Summaries”.                                                            

Discussions can be access from the course menu  or class home page as “Discussions”

Quizzes can be accessed from the course menu as “Quizzes”

Other assignments can be accessed from the course menu as “Assignments and CHP Fnal Draft”     

The Safe Science Text can be accessed from the course menu or class home page as “Safe Science Text”