Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate President Election

Voting will be open from April 17-21, 2015.

You must be logged into the mySUU portal in order to cast your vote. Read about the candidates and then cast your vote at the bottom of this page.

The following candidates were the top two vote getters in the primary stage of the election. Although their bios were available during the primary, they are included here again for your review. The person with the most votes in this last stage of the election will serve one year as the Faculty Senate President-Elect (2015-2016) and represent the voice of the faculty as the Senate President during 2016-2017.


Bruce Howard, Associate Professor of Chemistry

I began my career at Southern Utah University as a student, graduating with a double major in biology and chemistry in 1993. Fascinated with the molecular level of life, I continued my studies at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon. There I focused on X-ray crystallography to visualize the atomic structure of proteins in order to study details of enzyme function. After graduating in 1999 with a Ph.D. in chemistry, I continued post-doctoral studies at the University of Utah School of Medicine characterizing the structures of proteins involved in HIV-1 infections. I have been at SUU since 2002 where I have continued research with undergraduate students on protein and enzyme structure/function relationships. We are currently working with a tuberculosis enzyme with the aim of developing a new class of potent antibiotic compounds.

I am humbled to have been nominated for such an important post as faculty senate president. I have served on a variety of committees at the departmental, college and university levels. And although I served on the faculty senate from 2009-2012, I am not a politician. But if selected I promise to promote, as effectively as possible, faculty interests regarding compensation, benefits, workloads, and academic freedom, as well as any other key issues that may arise.

Phil Roché, Associate Professor of Library Media

Dear colleagues:

Thank you for the opportunity to be considered the position of Faculty Senate President. I am an Associate Professor of Library Media and have served as a member of our faculty since 2006. My education consists of a Master of Library and Information Science degree from San Jose State University as well as a Master of Public Administration degree from SUU. During my employ at SUU I have served two terms as a member of our Academic Senate and participated as a member (or chair) of many other campus committees. If elected to this position I will do my very best to represent your interests in an open and collegial manner so as to most successfully strengthen and support our important work as well as advance key concerns and interests that affect all faculty members.

As an Associate Professor of Library Media, I oversee both the Instructional Services and Outreach efforts of the Sherratt Library. In this capacity I help to promote library resources and services and to make the library a more customer-focused facility. I believe these responsibilities have served me well in that I have been able to make valuable and lasting connections throughout our campus. As a candidate for the position of Faculty Senate President I would bring this experience of building and maintaining strong, beneficial relationships to my work representing your needs.