Graduate Studies

Graduate Council

The SUU Graduate Council consists of faculty members - program directors from each degree program. The Council meets monthly to discuss policy creation and change, recruitment and marketing, and other related discussion intended to seek academic excellence in our programs and meet the needs of graduate learners.

Members are either voting, or non-voting (ex oficio).

Current voting members include:

  • Dr. David Christenson, Program Director - Master of Accounting
  • Dr. Jim McCoy, Program Director - Master of Education
  • Dr. Keith Bradshaw, Program Director - Master of Music Education
  • Dr. Kim Craft, Program Director - Master of Business Administration
  • Dr. Mark Atkinson, Dean - School of Continuing & Professional Studies - Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Mark DeBeliso, Program Director - Master of Sports Conditioning and Performance
  • Dr. Matt Barton, Program Director - Master of Professional Communication
  • Ms. Rachel Bishop, Program Director - Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration
  • Dr. Ravi Roy, Program Director - Master of Public Administration

Current non-voting members include:

  • Ms. Bonny Rayburn, Assistant to the Associate Provost
  • Dr. Christian Reiner, Assistant Provost
  • Dr. James Sage, Associate Provost
  • Dr. John Allred, Registrar
  • Ms. Meskerem Tadesse, SUUSA Graduate Senator
  • Ms. Nicole Funderburk, Graduate & International Recruitment Coordinator