The CCG Team

Art Challis -- Art graduated in 1972 from SUU with a degree in Speech Communication and Business Administration. He then pursued a master’s degree in Communication Studies graduating in 1992 followed by a doctorate degree in 1998 from UNLV. Art has worked in radio, TV and newspaper. He has been the voice of the SUU Thuderbirds since 1974. Art has 16 grandchildren.

Graduate Advisor

Caitlin Dancer -- Caitlin is enrolled as a candidate for her Master’s of Art in Professional Communication with an emphasis in Advertising. She did her undergraduate studies at North Dakota State University where she recieved her B.S. in Communication with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations.  She currently works for Westates Theatres in St. George, Utah as the marketing manager and as a server at Ninja Sushi & Steakhouse.  She has a passion for advertising, cooking, and life!


Stephanie Petersen -- President -- I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and travelled to Logan, Utah where I obtained my Associates degree and then journeyed down to Southern Utah University where I will graduate in Public Relations and Advertising.  In my spare time, I enjoy meeting new people and everything that deals with being outside during summertime!  

Jessica Zylks -- Vice President--

Hi! My name is Jessica Zylks and I am from Richfield, Utah. I am a senior Advertising major and am currently in the process of applying to graduate school to receive my MBA. I currently work as the secretary at the SUU Communication department and as a program director at Turn Community Services. This is my first semester in CCG and I specialize in PR and advertising. I love the creative aspect of advertising! I spend my time reading, shooting, and crafting.

Paul Smith -- Creative Supervisor --

Paul spelled backwards equals savantism. Savantism is a rare condition in which people with developmental disorders have one or more areas of expertise, ability, or brilliance that are in contrast with the individual's overall limitations.

Account Executives

Sarah Alamshaw -- I am a senior communications major with an emphasis in public relations and a hotel resort and hospitality minor. I am the vice president of marketing for alpha Phi and the director of marketing for Academy Hill Cavalcade. After graduating in May, I plan to enter the communication graduate program.


Matthew Grow -- is a senior Communication major with an emphasis in Advertising. He is also minoring in Philosophy. He is from the Washington D.C. area and is somehow still a Washington Redskins fan.

Tony Nixon an SUU Adv. major from Cedar City Utah.  My favorite past time activity is wakeboarding.  I enjoy playing sports and watching football.  I also enjoy woodworking and am currently in the middle of making a custom hand made guitar.


Lauren Jeffrey -- I am a senior advertising and communication studies major from Kingwood, Texas.  I moved to Cedar City, Utah to attend SUU.  I am currently on the SUU gymnastics team.  I am graduating in spring of 2012 and hope to get a job in pharmaceutical sales.

Josh Dutson --

Yo, my name is Josh!  I am from here in Utah, but I am a Floridian at heart.  I love school, but am ready to love life!  I have been a student here longer than at least two of my professors have been teaching.   I am a big fan of traveling and meeting people from all around the world.  But I never have money. Ha!  And well I love CCG!!!!!!

Oh yeah and I am a fifth year Junior!  Fun Fact!

Jessy McKee -- Jessy McKee is a senior Communication/Advertising major at SUU he is from the small town of Vernal Utah. Mr. McKee is currently an account executive for CCG team.  He contributes more than just good looks to the CCG team; he brings knowledge in PR, Radio, and Television.

Creative Department

From: Cedar City, UT
Grade: Senior

JD Petty -- I was born and raised in Cedar City Utah.  I go to school full time and works as a full time Manager up at Sports Authority.  Love all kinds of sports and being outdoor, but also love movies and and sometimes enjoy a good video game.  I can’t wait to be done with school so he can move up north and pursue a career in 911 dispatch.  

From: Milano, TX
Grade: Senior

My name is Tanner Gage and I am a man of honesty and resilience. I currently work at The Sports Authority in Cedar City as a cashier/sales associate. I am very good with clients as well as coming up with ideas. I like to hang out with my friends and I plan on making an attempt to move to Hong Kong to chase a dream. Since I was a child I have always enjoyed talking to everybody I see. Communication is my thing…what can I say?


Kevin Robison

I am from Orem Utah. I enjoy running for fun. I am relaxed and laidback which allows me to be enjoyable company for those surrounding me.

Kasta Jensen -- Hello, my name is Kasta Jensen and I am a senior here it at SUU.  I am an advertising/communication studies composite major whom will graduate in May 2011. I’m from the small town of Salina, Ut and I love participating in nearly any activity that involves the outdoors.  After graduation, I hope to work for an advertising agency and start my own home business creating announcements and invitations of all kinds.  I am part of the creative team in CCG and have loved every minute of it.  It has been a great experience learning how to work together as a team and individually to please numerous clients.  CCG has been the best hands-on learning experience of my college career and anyone interested in advertising should give it a try.


Marlon Hogains

 A junior Communication major with an emphasis in Advertising. I am also the starting corner back for our Southern Utah University Thunderbirds football team. After graduating I want to pursue a job in the field of advertising.


Paige Rasmussen

Paige Rasmussen is a senior Advertising and Public Relations major at SUU. She is currently the PR and Marketing Director for clubs in Student Government on campus. This is her first year in CCG and has gained a passion for advertising. One day she hopes to work for an advertising agency in the creative department.


Laura Corry

I am a senior Advertising major from Cedar City, UT. I am graduating in spring of 2012 and then plan to find a career in New Media. I am a student blogger for and I DJ for Power 91. I love interior design, music, social media, tennis, and sailboats. I am a part of the CCG Creative Team.


Kirsten Peterson --

Hi! I’m Kirsten, I like reading books, walks on the beach, deep conversations… oh wait, no. I’m a senior Advertising major getting a minor in Management.  I’ll be graduating this May and I’m super excited! I love people and I have a passion for traveling. So far I’ve visited Europe and Mexico as well as many parts of the United States, but I’m hoping to explore much more of the world soon. I’m currently working on the creative team for CCG and having a lot of fun with the experience!


Brooke Terrones

I’m a senior Communications major, with an emphasis in advertising at Southern Utah University.  I’m from Whittier, California and moved to Cedar City when I was twelve. I went to Cedar High School and then came to SUU starting with a major in broadcasting and then I changed to Advertising.  I hope to one day work either an ad agency or work in hotel management.


CCG Staff

A team of veterans and newbies, partnered with undergraduate and graduate leaders and faculty to create an exciting work experience.