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FACULTY ONLY: Schedule Appointment to use the Writing Center Computer Lab for your class


Information about the New Writing Center Fellows Program


Who may use the Braithwaite Center Writing Center?

Although serving current composition students is our top priority, we try to make time for anyone who walks in the door. To help us meet the needs of  your students, suggest that they make their appointments several days before they need them by visiting BC 204, by e-mailing us at or by calling 865-8176.

May I require my students to visit the Writing Center?

Please check with Writing Center Director Dr. Julia Combs ( before requiring your students to visit the Writing Center. If composition papers are due, your students may not be able to obtain an appointment before your deadline. Also please realize that studies show that students who voluntarily visit a Writing Center tend to benefit more than students who are required to seek help.

Will your tutors proofread my students' papers for them?

Not exactly. We teach students to recognize and locate their own errors. Usually we can deal with just one or two errors at a time in this way.

May your tutors give my students a writing workshop in my classroom?

Yes--but the Writing Center will need plenty of advance notice to work out scheduling.

Can I expect that my students' papers will be better if I send them to the center?

We hope so! Please realize, however, that we're more interested in students and their learning than the quality of one particular paper. Learning to write is life-long process, so don't expect instant results. Students who visit us regularly over the course of a semester are the ones who show the most improvement.