Department of English

Writing Center

Writing Center Tutor Contract


As a Writing Center Tutor, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Be on time.  Don’t miss your shifts.  Sign in and out on the daily work record list. Take your turn on the tutoring and receptionist rotation, never asking another writing center to tutor for you so that you can work on a homework deadline.
  • Tutor according to Center policies and procedures as listed on our Website.
  • Read and follow policies and procedures.
  • Be proactive in pursuing certification (required by the end of your first year as a condition for continued employment).
  • Seek to advance Writing Center and Departmental projects rather than to pursue your own studies when you are on shift, unless there is no such work to get done.
  • When on duty, do not wear earphones, listen to music, view movies, text, talk on your cell phones (except in the case of parents communicating with their children), play games, or catch up on your social networking sites.
  • Maintain your English GPA at 3.5 and your overall at 3.0.

If you should run into unforeseeable problems with your assigned schedule, notify the director  by  e-mail AND the Center by phone; seek to find a replacement if the appointment board for the hour is full.

You are encouraged to attend all tutor training meetings. If you cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts, please e-mail the director. You can claim the time spent at these meetings on your payroll hours.

Student payroll: remember to claim all hours, including those that you spend in class or meetings. Keep track on your paper timecard AND your electronic time card.

Do not tutor clients except in the Center when you are on-shift.

Be mindful of student privacy issues when dealing with grades.

Student workers who do not live up to the terms of employment may be terminated.

Tutors are paid on the following pay scale:

Circle the category that applies to you. If you are certified, indicate when you completed your credentials.

$ 7.50 per hour                      Receptionist and beginning tutor with no previous experience

$8 per hour                            Tutor with work experience in another collegiate center, but new to our Writing Center

$1 above your starting level    Tutor with first level of certification (required after one school year)

$2 above your starting level     Tutor with second level of certification

.50 to $1 per hour                     Post certification raises available for extraordinary service

Your current certification status: ______________________

I have read and understood this contract and the attached Writing Center Policies page and agree to abide by the rules and guidelines listed.

Tutor’s Signature __________________________________  Date:________________________

Director’s Signature _________________________________  Date:________________________