Department of English

Writing Center

E-Tutoring Instructions

  1. The receptionist should check Writing Center e-mail each hour.
    • Go to SUU Homepage
    • Click on “Faculty & Staff” link
    • Click on “GroupWise Web Access” link
    • Click “Yes” to proceed
    • Enter Username (writingcenter) and Password (******)
  2. If an e-tutoring submission is in the mailbox, it needs to be completed.
    • Move e-mail to appropriate folder so it isn’t responded to twice.
      1. Check the box next to the e-mail
      2. Click “Move”
      3. Click the “+” next to “Cabinet”
      4. Click on Fall 2009
    • Open e-mail.
    • Copy and Paste submission into a Word document if it arrives as a long e-mail. It is usually best to save the document as Word 2003 compatible document if you are not sure that the client has access to the newest version of the program.
    • Introduce yourself and thank student for submitting to SUU Writing Center
    • Tell the student what you will be commenting on
    • Tell the student how the comments can be identified in the draft
    • Keep clear of the text.  Use the "New Comment" function under the MSWORD "review" tab to insert your comments.
    • Don’t overwhelm the writer.   Address a few major problems or recurring errors.
    • Encourage as well as critique.  Address student at least once by name.
    • Follow up at the end with overall comments and suggestions
    • Thank student once again for submitting.  Encourage him/her to submit again or to visit the Center in person.
  3. Once you have completed your comments, reply to the sender from the writing center e-mail account (not your own personal e-mail).  Attach the file of the paper with your comments and write a short introduction in the body of the e-mail similar to the introduction on your comments.
  4. If you must leave before you complete the document, inform the next arriving tutor and note the incomplete response on the whiteboard