Undergraduate Legal Studies

Paralegal Studies (PLGL)Courses

Paralegal Student The Undergraduate Legal Studies Program offers courses relating to various legal topics as part of degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. The Paralegal AAS is going completely online, making this AAS accessible to non-resident students! Some of these classes may also be applied toward requirements for a minor in Legal Studies available through the Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice.

Although these classes are designed to prepare students for a career as a paralegal, they also offer insight into, and practical knowledge of, legal topics that may be of assistance to students who wish to attend law school. Thus, pre-law students may take them as electives or as part of a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies or a Legal Studies minor.  Students should check with their academic advisors in that regard.  In addition, the Legal Studies director is available to answer questions concerning these courses.

Courses offered through the Undergraduate Legal Studies Program are:

  • PLGL 1100 Introduction to Law
  • PLGL 1200 Legal Ethics and Professionalism
  • PLGL 1400 Legal Interview, Investigation, Case Preparation
  • PLGL 1500 Family Law
  • PLGL 1700 Tort Law
  • PLGL 1900 Civil Procedure
  • PLGL 2000 Legal Research & Writing
  • PLGL 2100 Estate Planning & Probate Law
  • PLGL 2400 Real Estate & Property Law
  • PLGL 2600 Business & Corporate Law
  • PLGL 2800 Law Office Management
  • PLGL 2890 Internship
  • PLGL 2900 Administrative Law.