International Student Services

Contact Information:

Sargon Heinrich

Global Engagement Center

Phone: 00+1+435.586+1995


Fax: 435.586.1996

Address: 351 W University Blvd

Cedar City, UT 84720

Advisement Information:

Hours: Monday – Friday: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Appointments are arranged on a first come first served basis.

University Courses

F-2 visa holders are allowed to take classes at SUU, however the classes must be considered “recreational or avocational” in nature. Examples of such classes would include: bowling, rock climbing, racquetball, etc.

To be able to register for these courses, F-2 students will need to apply for admission as a Non-degree seeking student. For instructions on the application process, visit: International Student Application