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Note: To log into Banner Self Serve, you now log into mySUU first and then use the Banner Self Serve links within mySUU. mySUU did not replace Banner Self Serve. mySUU simply serves as a gateway to get into Banner Self Serve using the same username and password you use to log into your campus computer. This eliminates the need to remember your Tnumber/PIN. Read more.

Self-Serve Tutorials


Internet Native Banner (Requires additional training)

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If this does not work, please contact your tech support person from the IT department to have the java plug-in installed on your computer.

This will require a username and password that is separate from your normal SUU account.

Your username is the campus username that is used for logging into the network and email. Your password will be given to you when your account is created, and should be changed often.




Argos is a web-enabled reporting solution for Banner data. You login using your campus username and password.
Requires Internet Explorer.

Evisions, the company that makes Argos, offers online training all of the time with live instructors. Visit their training website to sign-up for their free online training. A good place to start is with their ARGOS - Basic Overview for End Users.


BusinessObjects (Crystal Reports)

BusinessObjects is a web-enabled reporting solution for Crystal Reports. You login using your campus username and password.
Requires Internet Explorer.

Tutorial on how to use BOE XI

Banner ePrint

Banner ePrint

Banner ePrint is a SungardHE solution for distributing standard Banner reports and providing organizational security for accessing them. You can log in using your Banner user name and password.


Last Update: Friday, December 21, 2007