Your account is for your use and your use only. You may use your account to access SUU resources. It is not acceptable to allow other people, especially non-students, to use your account to gain access to SUU resources. Violation of these policies could result in termination of your network access.

What kind of behavior is acceptable in computer labs?

Because of the public nature of the computer labs, your behavior has a direct impact on other students. The computer resources are provided for SUU students to enhance their educational experience. Recreational use of the computers is allowed, but please remembers that priority is given to those students who have homework to complete. We also want to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. Loud, obnoxious behavior and vulgarity are counterproductive to the learning process. If you become a problem for other students a lab technician may ask you to leave.

Can I install software on university computers?

Installation of any software on any school owned computer is considered unacceptable. The Acceptable usage Policy, in sections III-1, III-2 and III-5 states that unethical and/or unacceptable usage is defined as:

  • Any action that violates institutional or third party copyright, license agreements, and other contracts.
  • Any action that interferes with the intended use of the information resources.
  • Any action which, without authorization, destroys, alters, dismantles, disfigures, prevents rightful access to, or otherwise interferes with the integrity of computer-based information and/or information resources.

For these reasons, any installation of software will not be allowed on any school owned computers, unless that software is approved and installed by the Southern Utah University networking staff. Violation of these policies could result in removal of network privileges, and/or legal action.

Can I download copyrighted material using the school's network?

Please read the Notice to Students that educates and informs the students about pertinent federal law pertaining to copyright infringement, and the potential internal and external consequences for violation of those laws, and information regarding legal alternatives.

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