*NEW Print Credit System*

The IT department has migrated the account balance system to a new product. The new system does not use the same representation of print credits, but simply displays the credit as a dollar amount. Previous credits were converted and migrated into the new system, and each semester, students will continue to receive a $10 credit to their print balance. Balances will continue to roll-over into the next semester with an active student account. To check your balance, please log into the new system which is only available from an on-campus computer.

For some additional information from a recent article about the change, please read the SUU News Article.

How is printing set up for students?

Students are given 200 pages of free printing credits per semester (the new system shows it as currency, which will be $10). These pages roll over each semester. More pages can be purchased at the cost of $0.05 per page from the Cashier's Office in the Sharwan Smith Center and the Copy Center in the Library. If your account balance reaches 0 (zero), you will not be allowed to print. If a print job you are submitting contains more pages than you have credits left, it will not print. You will need to use a print release station to print your documents in the Library and ELC214.

To help conserve printing resources, use the following guidelines:

  • Refrain from printing pages with dark backgrounds or graphics.
  • Use print preview, especially when printing web pages or when using Microsoft Office programs.
  • Don't print unnecessary items, such as jokes or frivolous email messages.
  • When printing web pages, check the number of pages before you print.

What is a print release station?

There are print release stations in the Library (Copy Center) and the ELC 214 computer labs to help conserve paper. Once you have sent your document to the printer you will need to go to the print station (the computer) located near the printers and enter your username and password (the same username and password you used to log into the lab computer) to release your document(s) from the print station before they will print.

What are print credits?

Each student starts every semester with a certain amount of print credits (currently 200 or $10). Students need print credits to be able to print anything from school printers. If a student runs out of credits and would like to add more to their account, they need to go either to the Cashier's Office in the Sharwan Smith Center or the Copy Center in the library to pay for more credits. Print credits cost $0.05 per page. Once that is done, the receipt should be brought to a lab technician and the account will be updated.

How can I print in color?

If students wish to print in color and do not have a class that provides color printing, there is a color printer in the ELC 214 computer lab or in many of the labs on the 3rd floor in the ELC. Each color page costs 6 print credits (or 30 cents).

Can I print from my Laptop?

Students can print from their own laptop computer by following the instructions on our Wireless Printing page. The Wireless Printing service is only available on-campus.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015