Student Account Access & Info

Each student at SUU must obtain a unique username and password to access the computers on the SUU campus as well as the mySUU portal and Canvas.

Activate Your Student Account Now

Your username is automatically created for you as soon as you register for classes. If you have never used your SUU account before you should activate it. If have don't know or have forgotten your username, you can look it up.

Things to Remember:

  • Your Tnumber is not your username.
  • Your email address is not your username.

If you need to obtain your username and password you can, or speak to a lab technician. You can find a lab technician on the main floor of the Library near the "Questions" desk or in the ELC (Electronic Learning Center) room 214. If you are unfamiliar with the SUU campus you can view a map here.

Forgot/Need to Change Password?

If you have forgotten your password or need to change it you can do so.

When can I used my account to log into campus computers?

You will not be allowed to use campus computers with your account until you begin taking classes at SUU. This means that though you may be signed up for classes you wont be allowed access until the semester officially starts.

How much disk space does my student account have?

Students are given 100 MB of personal disk space and at least 7 gigabytes of email storage.

How long does my student account last?

A student's account is valid for as long as they are a registered student. If a student is not a registered student for any semester except for Summer Semester, their account will be deleted that semester, and all the files associated with that account will be deleted as well. The account will maintain its access to mySUU

Can I let other people use my SUU account?

Your account is for your use and your use only. You may use your account to access SUU resources. It is not acceptable to allow other people, especially non-students, to use your account to gain access to SUU resources. Violation of these policies could result in termination of your network access.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015