Leavitt Center

Student Director

Paige Gunn Christensen

Paige Gunn Christensen is a senior at Southern Utah University where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in marketing. Paige is from Orem, Utah, where she graduated from Timpanogos High School in 2010.

Given her passion and desire to never settle for mediocrity, Paige came to Cedar City and immediately immersed herself in the many opportunities offered. As a freshman she joined the Student Alumni Association and furthered her experience when she became a member of the Leavitt Center Executive Council as a sophomore. Paige is now serving her second year as the Leavitt Center’s Student Director.

Paige brings a wide breadth of leadership experience and knowledge to the Leavitt Center.  During the past several years, Paige has served in numerous leadership roles, including Associate Justice of SUU’s Judiciary Committee, President of LDSSA and a founding member of SUU’s Finance Club.  Paige has also sat on numerous committees, including the University Committee on Student Discipline and Presidential and Vice Presidential search committees.

More recently, Paige has interned with Cedar City Corp. working directly with Economic Development with the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah and various other projects. Paige also spent her summer interning with SUU’s School of Business in putting together a week-long training program for business executives. Previously Paige interned with Cedar City Corp., where she worked directly with the City Manager, Mayor, and City Council to help further various initiatives and projects. Paige also performed a wide array of research for Regional Services and the Leavitt Center Executive Director.  Additionally, Paige played an integral role in the surveying and analyzing of research for the U.S. Election Commission.

In 2014 Paige became the recipient for SUU’s Female Contributor of the Year, an award for which she had also been nominated as a Sophomore, and a top five finalist as a Junior. When Paige is not at school, she enjoys hiking, competing in sports, and cooking with her husband Derek.

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