Marketing Communication

Academic Style Guide

The Primary Wordmark

The Wordmark is the defining graphic symbol of the University. To be a powerful marketing tool, its usage must adhere to certain rules.

  1. The Wordmark's physical proportions must not be altered. It is never to be extended, condensed, italicized or distorted in any way. Do not attempt to recreate the Wordmark on your own computer. The Publications Office will gladly work with you to get the best results for your needs.
  2. The colors of the Wordmark are set and cannot be altered.
  3. The Wordmark should appear on all University publications, in as prominent a position as the context of the publication allows.
  4. Special versions of the Wordmark have been created for screen printing, web usage, and dark backgrounds. Contact the Publications Office ( for more information.

Color Version Can be reproduced as a two-color (black and PMS 185, a bright red) or as process (CMYK) color design minimum width: 1.75"

Grayscale Version Can only be used with high resolution printing.
Minimum width: 1.75"

One Color Solid Black Version Minimum width: 1.75".

Secondary Versions of the Primary Wordmark

These versions were created specifically for use where the design requirements of a project will not accommodate the horizontal layout of the primary Wordmark. Secondary Wordmark 2 is suitable for reduced size usage. Secondary Wordmark 3 is only for use in situations requiring the smallest of marks.

Secondary Mark 1

Secondary Mark 2

The Wordmark with Names of University Entities

When used with the Wordmark, the names of all other University entities should be secondary in visual weight to the Wordmark. There are two acceptable formats for this usage.

  1. The style used on the official letterhead. The name of the entity, in upper and lower case Optima italic text, is placed under a slimmer gradient color bar which does not have the motto in it.
  2. The style used for departments and offices. The name of the entity is positioned to the right of the wordmark "SUU" letters, on two or three lines in upper and lower case Optima bold text. This style is suitable for use on ads or similar items that come directly from the university entity. This style is NOT for use on letterhead. These department/office marks MUST be created by the SUU Publications Office; do not attempt to create them yourself.

Letterhead Style

Department Style