Non-Traditional Student Services

Parenting on Campus


The Center for Women and Families has received a $60,000 grant in October 2009 to help our students’ subsidize their child care costs. The average cost of full-time child care in Cedar City totals $400-500 per child. With the grant in place, for the parents that apply we can pay anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of their day care costs. Parents’ subsidy amount is based on a sliding scale that takes into account their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and the number of credits they are currently taking. Other factors do contribute but are not as substantial. Parents, in return,  are asked to volunteer 4 hours per month at their family’s childcare facility or another facility that is preapproved by the CWF Director, remain in good financial standing with their family’s childcare facility, participate once a month in a parenting workshop or program offered by the Center for Women and Families and maintain a 2.3 GPA (or better) for continued eligibility next academic year. More information.

Breast Feeding Room

Worried about breastfeeding on Campus? Don’t want to hide in a broom closet or sit on a bathroom floor. Well now you don’t have to worry!!! At the Center for Women and Families we have a comfortable and private room for you to breast feed in. Come it anytime and we will set you up. Want more information on Breastfeeding? Contact La Leche League. Also look into The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition is a group of health professionals, public health organizations, educators, policy makers, employers and other community individuals and groups whose purpose is to collaboratively promote, protect and support breastfeeding in Utah.

Child Play Place

Have your kids on campus with you? Need a place were they can play and you can study? The Center has that place. We have a small area for children to play with books and toys while you relax for a second.  This is a free service, but we are not full time babysitters or teachers.

Childcare and Daycares Around Town

Looking into daycare for the first time? It can be stressful, but the Child Care Resource and Referral Center can help. Contact them at 435-586-8722 or go see them at 88 East Fiddlers Canyon Road, Suite H. Also check you our lists of providers.

Free Diapers

Because accidents happen, we are here to make sure you're prepared.

Moms and Dads to Grads Support Group

This is a support group for parents that meets in the Center weekly and is open to all parents on campus not just the CCAMPIS grant parents. 

SUU Parent Lounge Blog

It is hard to fine friends in classes that get your situation. But to help find other students on this campus that get where you are coming from, we have made it easier! Come see our blog site and start connecting with other parents at SUU. Make comments, share experiences, and simple just feel welcome. Visit the Parent Lounge Blog

Parent Programming

Parent Programming is the events, seminars, and lectures we put on for CCAMPIS parents, however, anyone is welcome to come. If you go to our Programs and Events page you will see events with a vector image by it. These are the events that count for CCAMPIS parent programming

Information and Resources

  • (Children’s Health Insurance Program) CHIP- If your child is uninsured, enroll today at the CHIP Van or call for an application (1-877-KIDS-NOW) or apply online
  • Do you think a child is being abused? Call the child abuse 24 hour hotline at 1-877-SWR-DCFS (797-3237)

Re-Entry Information