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      Mission Statement

The SUU Earth Club works to raise awareness within our campus and surrounding community about environmental issues. We strive to model and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. We aim to educate students and citizens, and provide them with viable opportunities to become active participants in earth management. We promote a diversity of members by encouraging students of varying backgrounds, majors, and ideologies to participate. Together, we are working to elevate the local consciousness toward more earth-friendly practices and policies.

Some of our goals and focal issues include:

— Raising campus awareness of environmental issues affecting the local and statewide community.

— Wilderness preservation.

— Educating the community about, and utilizing measures to reduce global warming.

— Working in cooperation with the Southern Utah Recycling Coalition to further recycling in Cedar City.

— Clean up of the local environment through various service projects.

— Working with Park Administrators on conservation   projects within the National Parks' of Southern Utah.

— Providing recreational activities


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