SUU Orientation

 Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation Questions

1. Can I sign up for classes before coming to Orientation?

Yes. As soon as you finish signing up for orientation, you will receive a link to an online Pre-advising tutorial. After completing the tutorial you will be all set up to register for classes. All students are encouraged to talk with their academic advisors and to take a look at Degree Works prior to registering. Classes fill up quickly so don't wait too long to register, or you might not get into all the classes you want.

2. Do I need a parking pass for Orientation?

You will not need to have a parking pass, parking is free in all lots on Orientation days. If your orientation program occurs after fall or spring semester begins, you will need a parking pass to park on campus. This usually only affects Transfer Express Orientation programs.

3. Do I need to stay at Orientation all day?

Yes. You will receive important information during all parts of the Orientation day and you will have plenty of time after Orientation to take care of other personal things on campus. You will also receive your student ID card, Thunderbard book, and extra entries in the free meal plan drawing if you stay until the last session.

4. Do I pay anything at the time of Orientation registration?

Only if you choose to attend an Overnight or Adventure Orientation program. All costs for Traditional Orientation are covered through the non-refundable enrollment deposit, a one-time fee all new students pay as they are admitted. The Parent/Guest Orientation fee is $15 per person for Traditional Orientation, and $30 per person for Overnight Orientation. If you choose to attend an Overnight Orientation there is a $50 fee that will cover the cost of student housing and all additional meals and supplies. If you choose to attend Adventure Orientation there is a $195 fee that will cover all transportation, meals, and equipment.

5. Does tuition need to be paid at Orientation?

No, tuition is due:

Fall Semester - Second Friday in August
Spring Semester - Second Friday in December
Summer Semester - Second Friday in June

Pay close attention to tuition payment deadlines because if you fail to pay your tuition by the deadline, your classes will be dropped and your schedule won't be reinstated.

6. How can I cancel my orientation reservation?

Please contact the Orientation office at 435.586.1932 and let us know you will not be attending. After August 1st, any fees paid for Adventure Orientation are not refundable. Fees for Traditional Orientation may be refundable minus a $10 processing fee.

7. How do I change my orientation date?

You can log back into the reservation system and change your date for Orientation until the day before your scheduled session.

8. How do I receive confirmation of my orientation registration?

When you complete the online reservation form, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to a confirmation letter and online Pre-Advising Tutorial. If you do not receive the email, please log back into the reservation system and verify that the email you listed is correct.

9. Is Orientation required?

All students are to attend orientation. At Orientation, you finalize your schedule with your academic advisor. In addition, you will receive your student ID card. Orientation is required for all new students by policy 6.5, V.D. 11 of SUU Policies and Procedures. ( Students taking only online classes at SUU are exempt from attending orientation. Transfer and non-traditional students (over age 25, married, or with children) should attend a Transfer Express Orientation session.

10. Where do I report for Orientation?

Orientation will be in the Sharwan Smith Student Center, you can check-in for the day in the Entertainment Bureau. If you are lost on campus, just find someone in a red shirt and ask them for directions. In some circumstances, your Orientation session may be in another building. Please refer to your email that you used on the Orientation registration for the most updated information.

11. Will I meet with an Academic Advisor at Orientation?

Absolutely, you will meet your Academic Advisor for a group session and an individual appointment. This is when you will finalize your class schedule for the fall.

12. What is a FIG and do I have to be in one?

A FIG is a Focused Interest Group. Several of the Colleges/Schools now offer these for new students. For more information on FIGS, please go to

13. Why should I attend Orientation?

Orientation has been shown to have many benefits academically, socially, and personally for new SUU students. Check out our top reasons to attend orientation here:

14. As a transfer student, do I still have to attend Orientation?

Yes, we offer a Transfer Express Orientation ( specifically for transfer and non-traditional (married, with children, over age 25) students who will be enrolling at SUU. This program is a shorter version of our regular orientation program with information specifically for these unique populations. Transfer and non-traditional students are welcome and encouraged to attend our Traditional Orientation programs as well if you are seeking a more robust experience (