SUU Orientation

Job Description

Successful Student – Southern Utah University

Becoming a successful student is a process that requires a commitment to meet and exceed expectations. This document explains the expectations the University community has established for you to thrive on campus, both inside and outside of the classroom. The list is not comprehensive or exhaustive and you will find that in some circumstances or contexts more may be asked of you. These expectations are practical and aspirational and will challenge you to grow as an intellectual, social, and ethical human being. Your willingness to give your best effort in pursuit of these expectations will be commensurate with the quality of your experience at Southern Utah University.

General Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Consider each course essential to your education and study at least two hours for every one hour spent in class. General Education courses are as important as courses for your major and will help you achieve the University’s Essential Learning Outcomes.
  2. Communicate regularly, professionally and in person with your instructors, academic advisor and University support staff to establish appropriate academic goals, to receive feedback on your performance, and to seek help when it is needed.
  3. Identify and use campus resources to manage your course load. At the very least, use the MySUU Portal, DegreeWorks, and, when needed, the Tutoring Center, Writing Center, and the Speech and Presentation Center.
  4. Use time productively by regularly attending class, submitting assignments on time and meeting the deadlines established for class registration and filing financial aid documents.
  5. Practice a healthy and honest lifestyle where both personal needs and the needs of others are understood and honored.
  6. Become self-educated about the University’s rules, policies and practices so you can engage in informed self-advocacy and be accountable to yourself, others and the University. “I didn’t know” is a poor excuse when the Student Handbook, University Catalog, and University Policies & Procedures are readily available online.
  7. Associate and network with other students by joining student clubs and organizations and attending activities and events such as convocations, fine arts performances, the Utah Shakespeare Festival, cultural programs and those hosted by the Engagement Centers and Student Government.
  8. Develop greater respect, sensitivity and awareness for yourself and others by interacting with students, instructors and staff that have differing points of view and life experiences.
  9. Be honest with yourself, with others and in everything you do. Refrain from cheating, plagiarism and other forms of misconduct defined in the Student Conduct Code.

Qualifications, Necessary Skills & Attitudes

  • Intellectual curiosity and critical and creative thinking can lead you to be attentive in class. Respectfully challenge what you are told.
  • Courage and integrity can allow you to admit and rectify mistakes while accepting the consequences of your actions or inaction.
  • Tolerance, civility and empathy can enable you to thoughtfully consider the ideas, beliefs and opinions of others and appreciate what they can contribute to our shared learning environment.
  • Persistence and resilience can sustain you through difficult circumstances, challenging endeavors and learning to accept your personal strengths and limitations.
  • The ability to clearly and cogently communicate, through writing and speech, can invite understanding from others and strengthen your relationships.
  • Prioritizing tasks and organizing resources can result in greater effectiveness through efficient use of time, consistent follow through, and sound judgment when making commitments to others. 

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