SUU Orientation


At SUU, we do our best to respect the diversity, talents, and experiences of all members of our incoming class.  Therefore, we offer several different orientation programs to fit your needs, based on your background and college experiences.  

  • New Student Traditional OrientationFor our traditional college student who has not completed college work after high school or any students wanting the fullest one-day (or two-day) orientation program we offer.
  • Transfer and Adult Learner Express Orientation: For those students who have attended another college or university after high school and are now transferring to SUU.  Also, for non-traditional students (over age 25, married, or with children) who have needs different than first-year traditional students.
  • International Student Orientation: For students enrolling at SUU from another country outside of the United States.
  • Parent & Guest Orientation: This program accompanies our Traditional Orientation program and information is specifically for the supporters of our new SUU students.
  • Veteran Student Orientation: Offered only for those students who are U.S. veterans or military service individuals.  Students who are veterans and in the professional pilots program are encouraged to attend this program.
  • Thunder AcademyThe largest program of the year for new students, Thunder Academy is for the entire incoming class and is held in August.
  • Adventure Orientation: For any student who wants to explore the beautiful outdoors of Southern Utah, this four-day program takes out students in outdoor excursions, followed by a Traditional Orientation.