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Customer Service/Delivery Survey

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Please rate your level of satisfaction on each of the services listed below using the following rating scale:

5 - Very Satisfied

4 - Somewhat Satisfied

3 - Neutral

2 - Not Very Satisfied

1 - Not at all Satisfied

NA - Not Applicable


1. *Attitude and Helpfulness

2. *Problem Solving Attitude

3. *Professional Competence of Staff

4. *Ability to suggest other services useful to your needs

5. *Ability to handle and solve problems

6. *Overall Quality of the service you received

Delivery of Mail

1. *Timeliness of mail delivery

2. *Accessibility to mail boxes and services

3. *Accuracy of Mail Delivery

Additional Information

In order for us to serve you better, what changes would you suggest to further improve SUU Mail Services and Post Office services?

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