International Bios



Harsh Kansagra
Hometown: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Major: Chemistry (Pre- Med)

The biggest fear I had before making the biggest move of my life was the change it would bring in my life and if I had the ability to acclimate to this change. Learning English is easier said than done. Fitting in the community is also of paramount importance if we are to establish our mark. We should not be forgetting the most important thing, keeping up with the academic work and maintaining a good score throughout the college career. Put all these things together and you have a recipe of a disaster. These were the thoughts going through my head when I moved to America and more than likely this is what will be going through your head as well.

All my doubts and worries were answered when I took the leap of faith and decided to move. The community accepted me as one of their own and allowed me to practice/believe in whatever I wanted to. More than just that, they were all VERY willing to help me with anything. Learning English with the kind of leniency they provided me with was a blessing. Believe it or not, all the things that I mentioned above, things that I was scared of, turned out to be my strength. This was done because of the support I received from the community. Once I got going, I felt like there was no stopping me. No matter what challenged I was presented with, I was always able to overcome it with the help of advisers and my fellow colleagues.

This is precisely what Southern Utah University has done to me. It has made me fearless. It has made me aware of the help that is available for anyone that needs it. It has taught me more than I can write for days. Some of the specific qualities that I love about SUU are the class sizes that it has, the professors, and the community that it has been built around. The average class size at SUU in my experience is about 30 to 35 students. This class size provides the student with the unique opportunity to create a bond with the professor, the kind that can be the difference between just coming to the class to complete your course and coming to the class because you enjoy it, because everyday that you wake up, you look forward to it. This opportunity leads to the other detail about SUU that I love, the professors. The professors can seem intimidating from far, when you just go to class, listen to lecture, do homework, and repeat it all the next day. However, once you get to the know the professor more or once the professor learns a bit more about you, its like a whole new world with a whole lot more opportunities. The interaction between professor and student is very encouraged at SUU and this only brings the best out of students. Me being from a completely different background than anyone else around me allowed me to create acquaintances with many professors and this lead me to be involved in a research project that is very possibly on its way to be published. This has also provided me with other opportunities like, tutoring for students and being teachers aid for 2 years running. Last but not least, community that SUU has been built around is a big positive for anyone considering moving to this university. As already mentioned, the cedar city community has accepted me as one of their own and still allowed me to practice and believe in what I want. Community is, in my opinion, the deciding factor. Its like cherry on top.