Enrollment Deposit Information

Pay the Enrollment Deposit

What is the Enrollment Deposit?

  • Southern Utah University requires a $100 non-refundable Enrollment Deposit to be paid by May 1 for fall semester or December 1 for spring semester as part of the enrollment process for all undergraduate students.

Who is required to pay the Enrollment Deposit?

  • The Enrollment Deposit is required for all undergraduate students enrolling at SUU.

Why do I need to pay the Enrollment Deposit?

  • The Enrollment Deposit allows the University to more effectively plan for class offerings and student resources.
  • The Enrollment Deposit pays for vital transition and transfer services including University Orientation (all students), transfer advising (Transfer Students), and Welcome Week/Thunder Academy (all students).
  • The Enrollment Deposit helps the University to identify students earlier who are in need of financial assistance.
  • The Enrollment Deposit will need to be paid in order for students to register for university classes (all students) and University Orientation (all students).
  • A paid Enrollment Deposit maintains a student's eligibility and priority in the on-campus housing assignment process

Deferment of the Enrollment Deposit

  • Students may apply for a financial hardship deferment if they feel they are unable to pay the Enrollment Deposit. This will allow the student to pay the Enrollment Deposit when payment of tuition expenses is due rather than before the May 1 deadline for fall semester or December 1 for spring semester.

    Students requesting a financial hardship deferment must complete the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid in addition to the deferment application.
  • If a student chooses not to attend SUU, the student forfeits the full amount of their Enrollment Deposit.