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General Information: Thank you for registering with SUU’s On-line Housing Finder. This is a free service for SUU students and provides a single stop for students looking into housing both on-campus and off-campus. Southern Utah University bears no responsibility for renting your property and is simply providing a free resource for you to list your open properties. As an account holder you bear the sole responsibility of maintaining the information within your account. Information must be updated at least every six months [Monthly for those selling an existing contract]. Accounts that go longer than six months [one month for those selling an existing contract] without updates will be automatically de-activated. Account holders will be notified by e-mail approximately one week before their account is deactivated. To reactivate your account you will simply need to log-in and update your account information. Accounts that are deactivated for more than a year will be deleted.

Listing Type: If you are selling a contract, you must select the field “Existing Contract”. Failure to make the appropriate category will be grounds for removal from the Housing Finder.

Listing Name: You MUST put ONLY the apartment complex name in this field. If you own an home or are selling an existing contract, you MUST put your name. Addresses and names such as “Large room in a shared house near SUU and grocery” are unacceptable and are considered grounds for removal from the Housing Finder.

Shared/Private Cost: For single housing this must be listed for a semester [even if the rent is monthly]. Please multiply the amount by four months and use that as the total rent for the semester. For family housing this must be listed by month [even if the rent is for the semester]. Please divide the amount by four months and use that as rent for the month. Please use the comment section to indicate if rent is charged differently than semester or monthly.

Using the Map: There is a great feature that will show your location relative to SUU. It is highly recommended that you select the link “Mark location on map” and drag the pink marker to the location of your facility.

Display Listing: Once your unit(s) have rented, please use this field to de-activate your apartment. Once you are ready to rent again, you can change this field and it will display in the housing finder again.

Southern Utah University reserves the right to de-activate accounts, without notice, if the information presented isn’t accurate or up-to-date. If at any point you have forgotten your account log-in or password, you may contact Kirk in the SUU Admissions Welcome Center at 435.865.8189 or blake@suu.edu.

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Last Update: Tuesday, January 10, 2012