About the SUU Asia Center

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Korean Center Group PhotoThe SUU Asia Center, run by KORUS (Korea-USA) Education Institute, is an official center of our university. Through direction and close guidance from SUU, the center offers an intensive ESL program (EAP: English for Academic Purposes) in Asia and helps students transition to our campus for eventual matriculation to the university. The students should complete at least Level 4 of the EAP program at the Asia Center in Seoul and, when they are ready, move to SUU.

The SUU Asia Center provides easy access to high quality educational opportunities in the U.S. by tackling many barriers to entry for qualified Asian students. The center's programs are specially designed to meet the unique needs of international students from Asia by addressing the critical issues pertaining to studying in the U.S. such as: understanding the admission process, developing academic English skills, acclimating to the traditions and culture of a different country, and future career advising. The Asia Center only selects eligible students in Asia and provides necessary instructional services strictly following the academic standards of SUU before they move on to degree programs. In addition, The Asia Center adequately prepares the students for successful adaptation into a new academic environment in the United States by maintaining dedicated advisors and mentors at the SUU campus to assist students with various academic and personal needs.

In the near future, the Asia Center also plans to offer SUU certificate programs, credit programs and eventually degree programs. The Asia Center will also act as an intermediary, when needed, between SUU and Asian universities.

PROGRAMS - Facilitated Admission to SUU

Stephen Allen

For international students, the SUU Asia Center offers an opportunity to substitute the TOEFL requirement with the EAP English language program. The Asia Center offers the intensive ESL program to students in Seoul. Students who meet all admission criteria, except for their TOEFL score, are given conditional admission to the university and, once they successfully complete Level 5, they are automatically matriculated to the SUU degree program of their choice.

Admission/Matriculation Process

  • Eligibility check
  • Selection of students and interview
  • Evaluation of students' academic records
  • EAP placement test
  • EAP level assignment
  • Conditional admission to degree program for qualified students
  • EAP courses (Level 1~6) in Asia
  • Upon successful completion of Level 5 or 6, matriculation to SUU degree program
  • Begin undergraduate or graduate degree program

Half & Half Program

Students who complete Level 4 in Asia Center are enrolled in Half & Half program. They are allowed to take some regular university courses through consultation with the admissions counselor. This provides students the advantage of making progress towards their intended degree by earning academic credits before matriculating to the university.

Taking classes with the regular university students also allows the language students to practice and hone their language skills. At many English language-only schools, the entire student body is made up of non-native English speakers, and it is often difficult to practice speaking English or associate with native speakers. Therefore, the Half & Half program is a great benefit to the students.

Advising and Mentoring Program

Johnny Oh advising

The most unique feature of the SUU Asia Center program is the special attention and guidance provided to our students on campus. In order to ensure their success, the Asia Center employs a resident advisor on the SUU campus who is available to provide guidance with academic issues, campus life and to address personal adjustment issues for all of our students. These services are essential for successful completion of their degrees, particularly for international students who are not familiar with the U.S. academic system. All students of the Asia Center receive:

  • Local area orientation
  • Campus tour and greetings with essential school officials
  • Initial transportation arrangement
  • Bank account set-up
  • Local bus schedule information
  • Initial housing arrangement, communication and submission of applications
  • Preliminary career advising
  • Summer internship or career advising
  • University class selection or scheduling advising
  • Emergency (parent/guardian) contact

For more information about the SUU Asia Center, please contact Dr. Stephen Allen at or (435)865-8499