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Family Life & Human Development:
Early Childhood Development

The Family Life and Human Development Early Childhood program is grounded in the disciplines of child development, early childhood education and early childhood special education. Through the program, students will acquire knowledge and develop skills to work with young children in a variety of settings (licensure in early childhood is obtained through the Elementary Education Program). This interdisciplinary approach is preparatory to professional work with children (with and without disabilities) from birth to 8 years old and their families from diverse cultural, ethnic and/or socioeconomic backgrounds.


  • FLHD Early Childhood majors proceed through a series of systematic field experiences in conjunction with their teaching methods courses.
  • Graduates of the program draw from knowledge of educational theory, policy, research, and practice to engage young children in active learning.


Private, public, franchise, and corporate early childhood programs; Preschool Administrator, Preschool Teacher, Child Care Administrator, Child Care Teacher, Curriculum Developer, Head Start Teacher, Head Start Administrator, Family Life Consultant


The College resides in a state-of-the-art Education Building and operates upscale labs to create a hands-on experience for students. A Media Center with high-tech equipment is available for students and faculty to create innovative projects and learning opportunities.


The program is structured so that, each semester, students participate in both academic and professional coursework while working in a pre-school environment. Experiences within each term are designed to be complimentary; the work in one setting or in one course complimenting the work in another setting or course.


Alumni Spotlight

Name: Trynn Sylveste

Graduated: Class of 2011

Current job: Head Teacher at SUU Preschool

"When I took my first Child Development course as a general elective, I knew I had found my dream career. I believe children are unique and vital members of society and strive to honor each child with respect and a high quality, developmentally appropriate education. I am privileged to work with this enthusiastic age group and look forward to someday opening a Forest Kindergarten where I can teach children, through play, in an outdoor setting."

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