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Bioinformatics is a blend of mathematics, biology and computer science, used to acquire, store and comprehend large amounts of data. Southern Utah University offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Bioinformatics Emphasis. This is a four-year program that aims at proficiency in mathematics, fundamental biological sciences and computing that are essential in pursuing a career in Bioinformatics, either directly or after graduate work. Students will be provided with help in finding an internship at a respected Bioinformatics laboratory as part of their degree requirements.


  • 100% of our mathematics students who apply to graduate school are accepted to a graduate program of their choosing.
  • We offer excellent campus employment of SUU math students as graders, math lab tutors, teaching assistants and research assistants.
  • Over the last three years, 94% of our Math majors have placed above the 25th percentile in the ETS National Exit Exam.
  • Our students have co-authored and published papers with SUU faculty, better preparing them for graduate work and professional success.


Bioinformatics research scientist, biostatistician, scientific curator, microbiologist, molecular modeler, Bioinformatics software developer


The Department of Mathematics is equipped with a tutoring lab; access to several computer labs with several computer algebra systems including Mathematica, MatLab and Maple as well as Geometer’s Sketchpad software; and access to the SUU supercomputer cluster and state-of-the-art classrooms.


  • The Math Club sponsors several events on campus such as research presentations, study sessions, competition preparation and more.
  • Working in campus jobs that aid math faculty, our students are constantly learning as they shadow their professors and assist fellow math students.



Name: Daniel Goold

Graduated: Class of 2006

Current job: Senior Medical Student at University of Vermont

"The Bioinformatics program at SUU is a phenomenal experience that is intellectually stimulating, challenging and a lot of fun. It has helped me successfully merge mathematics and medicine as I pursue a career in advanced medical imaging technology as a radiologist physician."

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