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Physical Science

The Physical Science Composite, Teacher Education Emphasis degree is designed to meet the needs of small rural high schools. The person who fills these positions will teach a variety of chemistry, physics, astronomy, and earth science classes. He or she will also be qualified to teach general science at the Middle School level.


  • Meets the needs of rural high schools for science teachers.
  • Introduces students to a breadth of disciplines.
  • This degree is endorsed by the Utah State Office of Education as a teaching major.


Middle or High School physical science teacher and public relations positions for a variety of state and federal agencies.


The Department of Physical Science maintains several chemistry, physics, and geology labs. Geology classes conduct frequent field trips. Computer labs are available in the Science Building and elsewhere on campus.


  • Chemistry Club
  • Geology Club
  • Astronomical observatory
  • Cedar Mountain Science Center
  • GIS laboratory


Alumni Spotlight

Name: Jared Eliason

Graduated: Grad of 2011

Career Goal: High School Science Teacher

"The Physical Science composite degree at SUU has provided me with a wide range of knowledge that will not only make me marketable, but make me a well rounded person. My major at SUU has been interesting challenging and rewarding. The skill set and knowledge that I obtained through a Physical Science degree at SUU will benefit me in all aspects of my life for the rest of my life."

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