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Special Education

Special Education is a dual major combined with Elementary or Secondary Education providing students with skills and training necessary to offer pre-kindergarten and K-12 students with special needs. This degree leads to licensure in the special education of students with mild or moderate disabilities (K-12). The dual major is a preferred option for educators who desire expertise in designing instruction for students with and without disabilities.


  • Special Education teachers are in high demand
  • The dual major may only require students to take one extra semester of coursework with prudent advisement
  • Special Education faculty utilizes “best practice” in teaching research based pedagogical skills
  • Special Education courses provide practical practicum experiences allowing students to observe master Special Education teachers in local school districts


Teach in public, charter, and private schools in Special Education (K-12) or General Education, high school or elementary, depending on dual major combination


The College resides in a state-of-the-art Education Building and operates labs for hands-on experience. A Media Center with high tech equipment is available for students and faculty to create innovative projects and learning opportunities. The Special Education department maintains several cognitive, achievement, and behavior assessments and protocols used in the delivery of services to students with disabilities.


  • Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)-Discount membership to this national organization designed to help students collaborate and keep up with legal and societal trends in Special Education
  • Opportunities to work in a variety of practicums in diverse school settings


Alumni Spotlight

Name: Rendall Seely

Graduated: Class of 2012

Current job: Interpretive Park Ranger in Zion National Park

"SUU has the reputation of providing the best education program in the state of Utah and I must say I agree. My professors in Special Education and Elementary Education have given me the tools for a successful future and I am grateful to each of them for their help, encouragement, and friendship. SUU has also connected me with the National Park Service and has allowed me to pursue a summer career educating visitors in Zion National Park."

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