International Student Scholarships Guidelines

Southern Utah University offers dedicated scholarships specifically for international students.  Any student who completes an admissions application by the scholarship deadline will automatically be considered for a scholarship.


March 1 - Priority Scholarship Deadline for International Students

May 1 – Final Scholarship Deadline for International Students


October 1 – Final Scholarship Deadline for International Students for Spring Semester


  • International Founders’ Scholarships - 4-Year $8,500 Scholarships 
  • International Deans' Scholarships - 4-Year $6,000 Scholarships
  • International Centurium Scholarships - 4-Year $3,000 Scholarships 

The SUU International Student Scholarship Committee considers a number of factors when awarding scholarships including academic merit (GPA), geographic distribution, and financial need.  International Student Scholarships cannot be combined with other substantial SUU tuition scholarships.  Each scholarship requires a 3.0 SUU GPA to maintain.  International Student Scholarships can be awarded to students interested in entering SUU’s ESL program but the scholarship will not be paid until the student begins fulltime undergraduate or graduate studies.

All new international student applicants (ESL, undergraduate, and graduate) will be automatically considered for the International Student Scholarships for the following fall semester if they apply for admission by the deadline. 


In order to receive a pre-authorized scholarship, you can submit the following items to anytime:

1.     Appropriate International Student Application for Admission (email address mandatory)

2.     Application Fee

3.     Copy of Passport

4.     Copy of Official Transcripts

If you qualify, this would generate a pre-authorized scholarship and allow you to factor the scholarship award into your financial statement.