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As Dean, I am proud to welcome you to the School of Continuing & Professional Studies at Southern Utah University. Our programs bring SUU to you in a variety of ways. We have the following programs:

  • The Online Bachelor of General Studies (of either Arts or Science) is a customized program in which the student, in collaboration with and under the guidance of experts in the field of interest, undertakes the responsibility for the design of an undergraduate degree with an emphasis in a selected area of study that reflects the student’s particular personal and professional interests.
  • SUU Online™ outreaches courses and programs to high schools students, school teachers, undergraduates, and graduate students. Please see our list of degrees and courses available. We also provide Instructional Technology Services to our faculty and support to our students. Through the IVC (televideo) technology we connect, in real time, instructors and learners.
  • K12 Professional Development facilitates courses leading to teacher endorsements, and a variety of professional development courses in subjects like iPad, classroom management, online learning, and dozens of others.
  • Concurrent Enrollment delivers SUU courses to high schools students in Southern Utah.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) English language courses are offered with focuses on reading, writing, listening, grammar, and speaking. The program has six entry points per year.

Dr. Mark Atkinson
Dean of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies

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Mark Atkinson

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