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Student Resources

SUU offers at least one online course in every general education category. Beyond general education, there are many online courses within various academic departments. Check with your adviser to determine what courses will help you reach your goals.

Our online courses are delivered to you using Instructure's Canvas, a software package specifically designed to optimize your learning experience.

You probably already know that SUU's online courses follow the regular tuition table and semester schedule. This means you can add an online course to your schedule and pay the same tuition as you would for a campus section. However, because we have some licensing and help desk expenses related to Canvas, all online courses do carry an additional $20 per credit fee, so factor that extra charge into your budget.

Your online professor has organized and formatted your course materials so you can study and complete your assignments on your own, even if you are on an aircraft carrier or at Base Camp Everest. All you need is an Internet connection. Of course, your professor is always available through Canvas to answer questions. You may also be able to contact your classmates and get a discussion going in your Canvas course Group. All your assignment submissions in Canvas are archived, so you don't need to worry about losing them.

Online courses offer a measure of flexibility to your schedule, but the coursework is just as rigorous as the campus section. Don't be fooled into thinking it's easier. To succeed in an online course, you have to be motivated and disciplined to accomplish your objectives on your own.

Give me a call or send an email if you have any questions. I'll be glad to help you in any way I can.

Best of success in your efforts!

Karl Stevens, Director of SUU Online™
(435) 586-5481 or

Faculty Resources

General Information for Faculty
Canvas & Instructional Technologies Software

SUU implements Instructure's Canvas for delivery of its online courses. Canvas is typically an asynchronous delivery mechanism, but it does contain live chat and threaded discussion boards. Canvas contains a messaging function, a grade book, an assignment submission tool, and other tools that facilitate the learning experience. Assignments and other correspondence through Canvas are archived throughout the semester to protect against lost information.

SCPS oversees the development and delivery of SUU's online courses. Professors provide their curriculum and pedagogical expertise. SCPS provides tools and technical expertise, and together we create a functional and effective academic product.

Faculty interested in knowing what additional instructional technologies we support and offer should contact us at

Online Course Development

If you wish to develop a course for online delivery please complete the Online Course Development Proposal form. We also ask you to contact us to work out the details of your development prior to beginning work. We generally focus our development resources on courses that support a complete online degree. For technical details visit the SUU Online™ Help Center.

Instructional Technology Support

If you are experiencing technical problems with your Canvas courses you can contact our help center at: or call (435) 865-8555.