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Non-Student Population Request Form

Dear SUU Faculty;

As the use of CANVAS becomes more pervasive within our courses we have had numerous requests to allow additional individuals access to the CANVAS shell of a given course to assist with the course offering. To standardize these requests, SUU Online has developed the following submission form.

The form is designed primarily to allow access for Teaching Assistants (TA) to your course shell in CANVAS, but may be utilized to add individuals who are not noted as the primary instructor, or is a designated course designer, or an individual assigned as an Observer. TAs are required to take the FERPA certification training - Individuals who are not to be TAs, are not required to take the training.

Please complete the entire form, paying particular attention to the format examples provided. A separate form should be submitted for each individual you wish to add to a course. You may add the same individual to multiple courses using the same form. Because of the significant number of requests for access we anticipate and the method that we will store these requests, other submission formats such as individual email or letters will not be acceptable.

Thank you for your assistance as we begin this new phase of implementation. If you have any questions I can be reached at or (435) 865-8555.


SUU Online Administrators


  1. Complete ALL of the following form fields to request CANVAS access for any individual not noted as the primary instructor for your course. One form may be used to submit access to multiple courses for a single individual. Please submit a new form for each individual to be granted access to a course.
  2. Have the individual who is to be added complete or renew their FERPA training available online at This training needs to be completed before access is granted. The certification is valid for one academic year.
  3. Please pay particular attention to the submission format listed for each field. This will assist SUU Online in providing timely access to the appropriate courses.
  4. Please note that all fields must be completed for access to be granted to a course, or multiple courses.
  5. The SUU Username of the submitter will be maintained for verification purposes.
  6. Questions may be referred to SUU Online at or (435) 865-8555.

NOTE: This form will be distributed to SUU Online, the Registrar’s Office and a confirmation of submission returned to you. We anticipate that we will be able to provide next business day access once the application has been submitted and FERPA training verified.