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Online Course Offerings

Please note: offerings are subject to change
LM 1010 is available each semester as an online course. Instructors will accommodate any off-campus student.

Summer 2015

Course Title Subject Course Number Section Instructor
Legal Issues in the Arts AA 6110 70I Joshua Stavros
Master of Arts Final Project AA 6940 70I Rachel Bishop
Managerial Accounting ACCT 2020 30I David Christensen
Accounting Information Systems ACCT 3100 30I Matt Zufelt
Tax I ACCT 3200 30I Robin Boneck
Cost ACCT 3300 30I David Christensen
Business Law I ACCT 3350 30I Timothy Lewis
Auditing I ACCT 3400 30I Jeffrey Barnes
Tax Research & Advanced Topics ACCT 4200 30I Jeffrey Barnes
Foundations of Accounting ACCT 6000 70I David Christensen
Corporate Tax I ACCT 6210 70I Robin Boneck
Tax Procedure ACCT 6230 70I Robin Boneck
Taxes/Pass Through Entities ACCT 6260 70I Robin Boneck
Tax Seminar ACCT 6270 70I Robin Boneck
Advanced Cost Accounting ACCT 6320 70I David Christensen
Business Law II ACCT 6360 70I Timothy Lewis
Auditing II ACCT 6400 70I Jeffrey Barnes
Practice&Theory Seminar ACCT 6600 70I Amanda Wilford
Accounting Ethics Seminar ACCT 6650 70I David Christensen
ST: Accounting Information Sys ACCT 6900 71I Matt Zufelt
Advanced Issues in Business BA 6100 70I Bruce Haslem
Introduction to Biology BIOL 1010 30I Debra Hanson
Human Biology BIOL 1020 30I Debra Hanson
Human Biology Lab BIOL 1025 30I Debra Hanson
Intro Human Pathophysiology BIOL 2170 30I Paul Pillitteri
Human Physiology BIOL 2420 30I Paul Pillitteri
Human Physiology Lab BIOL 2425 30I Paul Pillitteri
Introduction to Chemistry CHEM 1010 30I Elaine Vickers
Introductory Chemistry Lab CHEM 1015 30I Elaine Vickers
Elementary Bioorganic Chemistry CHEM 1120 30I Bruce Howard
Elem Organic Bio-Chem Lab CHEM 1125 30I Bruce Howard
Introduction to Communication COMM 1010 30I Matthew Barton
Nonverbal Communication COMM 3150 30I Kevin Stein
Nonverbal Communication COMM 3150 31I Kevin Stein
Comm&Professional Development COMM 6000 70I Matthew Barton
Comm&Professional Development COMM 6000 71I Matthew Barton
Comm&Professional Development COMM 6000 72I Matthew Barton
Prof Writing & Presentations COMM 6040 70I Arthur Challis
Current Issues in Comm COMM 6240 70I Kevin Stein
Intro Computer Apps & Internet CSIS 1000 30I Robert Robertson
Intro Computer Apps & Internet CSIS 1000 31I Constance Nyman
Intro Computer Apps & Internet CSIS 1000 32I Laurie Harris
E-Commerce/Global Society CSIS 1010 30I Dezhi Wu
Web Development CSIS 2000 30I Dezhi Wu
Computer Applications CSIS 2010 30I Nasser Tadayon
Intgrtd Curric&Assess: PreK-3 ECED 3950 30I Rea Gubler
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2010 30I Joe Baker
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2020 30I David Tufte
Quantitative Methods for Business & Economics ECON 2500 30I Joshua Price
Managerial Economics ECON 3010 30I Joe Baker
Survey of Economics ECON 4910 30I Joe Baker
Foundations of Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools EDRG 3520 30I Brian Ludlow
Language Acquisition, Early Literacy, & Phonetics EDRG 4010 30I Linda Marriott
Exploring Education in Society EDUC 2000 30I Anthony Pellegrini
Prin of Teaching & Learning EDUC 3000 30I Janice Hatch
Curriculum & Philosophical Foundations EDUC 6410 70I Bruce Barker
Curriculum & Philosophical Foundations EDUC 6410 71I Bruce Barker
21st Century Master Teacher EDUC 6910 70I Bruce Barker
Planning, Delivery, and Assessment ELED 3555 30I Nichole Wangsgard
Intro to Academic Writing ENGL 1010 30I Natalie Johansen
Intermediate Writing ENGL 2010 30I Julia Combs
Intermediate Writing ENGL 2010 31I Julia Combs
Professional Business Writing ENGL 2040 30I Charla Strosser
Personal Finance FIN 2870 30I Joe Baker
Managerial Finance I FIN 3250 30I Bruce Haslem
Special Topics FIN 4900 30I Bruce Haslem
Human Development Through the Lifespan FLHD 1500 30I Rea Gubler
Marriage & Family Relations FLHD 2400 30I Shawn Christiansen
Consumerism & Family Finance in American Society FLHD 2700 30I Rea Gubler
CD: Infancy through Twelve FLHD 3200 30I Heather Ogden
Values & Ethics in Family Services FLHD 3350 30I Heather Ogden
Principles of Effective Parenting FLHD 3700 30I Rea Gubler
Family Life Education FLHD 4200 30I Heather Ogden
Geology of National Parks GEO 1050 30I John MacLean
Geology National Parks Lab GEO 1055 30I John MacLean
How the Earth Works GEO 1090 30I Jennifer Hargrave
How the Earth Works Lab GEO 1095 30I Jennifer Hargrave
Western Civilization I HIST 1100 30I Curtis Bostick
World History to 1500 C.E. HIST 1500 30I Curtis Bostick
World Hist 1500 C.E. Prsnt HIST 1510 30I Curtis Bostick
American Civilization HIST 1700 30I Mark Miller
American Civilization HIST 1700 31I Mark Miller
American Civilization HIST 1700 32I Mark Miller
American Indian History HIST 3000 30I Mark Miller
History of American West HIST 3810 30I Mark Miller
History of Utah HIST 3870 30I Mark Miller
History of Utah HIST 3870 31I Mark Miller
Intro Hospitality Mgmt HRHM 3000 30I Shih-Ming Hu
Managing a Media Center LM 4190 30I Philip Roche
Managing a Media Center LM 6190 70I Philip Roche
Beginning Algebra MATH 0990 30I Katelynd Adams
College Algebra MATH 1050 30I Sarah Duffin
Business Statistics MATH 2040 30I Andreas Weingartner
Introduction to MIS - ERP MGMT 2900 30I Azmi Ahmad
International Business MGMT 3050 30I Alan Hamlin
Operations Mgmt MGMT 3100 30I Azmi Ahmad
Management & Organizations MGMT 3180 30I Gerald Calvasina
Human Resource Management MGMT 3240 30I Gerald Calvasina
Employment Law MGMT 3340 30I Gerald Calvasina
Business, Government & Ethics MGMT 4200 30I Alan Hamlin
Strategic Management MGMT 4950 30I Roy Johnson
Fndtsn Mangmnt & Operations MGMT 6000 70I Gerald Calvasina
HR Management & Law MGMT 6300 70I Gerald Calvasina
Labor Management Relations MGMT 6320 70I Gerald Calvasina
Global Business Strategy MGMT 6400 70I Gerald Calvasina
Marketing Principles MKTG 3010 30I Tyler Stillman
ST: Advances in Marketing MKTG 4900 30I Tyler Stillman
Intro to Music MUSC 1010 30I Jennifer Seamons
Intro to Music MUSC 1010 31I Jennifer Seamons
Administrative Law PADM 6300 30I Randall Allen
American Higher Education Environments PADM 6560 70I Patrick Clarke
Critical Thinking and Ethics in the Public Sector PADM 6620 30I Kirk Fitzpatrick
Public Sector Contracting PADM 6670 30I Randall Allen
Special Topics/World Affairs PADM 6750 70I Angela Pool-Funai
Capstone in Public Admin PADM 6990 30I Patricia Keehley
Sport & Exercise Biomechanics PE 3060 30I Camille Thomas
Motor Skill Acquisition PE 6090 70I Rick Lambson
Thesis: MSC Sport Conditioning PE 6933 70I Rick Lambson
Thesis: MSC Sport Conditioning PE 6933 71I Abigail Larson
Thesis: MSC Sport Conditioning PE 6933 72I Julie Taylor
Thesis: MSC Sport Conditioning PE 6933 74I Mark DeBeliso
Thesis: MSC Sport Conditioning PE 6933 75I Camille Thomas
Introduction to Law PLGL 1100 30I Christine Taylor
Administrative Law PLGL 2900 30I Christine Taylor
Spec Topics/World Affairs POLS 4300 30I Angela Pool-Funai
Lifespan Development PSY 1110 30I Marisa Schlieber
Personality Theory PSY 3700 30I Grant Corser
Special Topics in Psychology PSY 4500 30I Donald Mock
Secondary Educational Psychology SCED 3200 30I Michael McGarvey
Content Area Literacy and Common Core SCED 3720 30I John Meisner
Medical Terminology SCI 1010 30I Janet Warner
Educating Exceptional Students SPED 3030 30I Kevin Garrett
Intro to Film THEA 1023 30I Peter Sham
Intro to Film THEA 1023 31I Peter Sham
Theatre History: Realism, Post Realistic & Contemporary Theatre THEA 3723 30I Christine Frezza
EDGE Prjct Proposal: Community UNIV 3925 30I Earl Mulderink
EDGE Project Prpsl: Creativity UNIV 3925 31I Todd Petersen
EDGE Project Prpsl: Global UNIV 3925 32I Kurt Harris
EDGE Project Prpsl: Leadership UNIV 3925 33I Kathryn Herbold
EDGE Project Prpsl: Outdoors UNIV 3925 34I Briget Eastep
EDGE Program Cmpltn: Community UNIV 4925 30I Earl Mulderink
EDGE Program Cmplt: Creativity UNIV 4925 31I Todd Petersen
EDGE Program Cmpltn: Global UNIV 4925 32I Kurt Harris
EDGE Program Cmplt: Leadership UNIV 4925 33I Kathryn Herbold
EDGE Program Cmpltn: Outdoors UNIV 4925 34I Briget Eastep