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Bachelor of Arts/Science with a major in General Studies (BGS)

Ready to finish your SUU bachelor’s degree online? Southern Utah University now offers the General Studies major online.

The General Studies major is a great option for students:

  • Whose life got in the way of their degree, and want to finish a degree
  • Who would like to finish a non-discipline degree for advancement at work
  • Who would simply like to finish their degree for its own sake

Program Description

The General Studies major provides maximum flexibility for the student who wishes to embrace a broad educational program of study while maintaining a focus on personal, career or professional goals.

This major is a customized program in which the student, in collaboration with and under the guidance of experts in the field of interest, undertakes the responsibility for the design of an undergraduate degree with an emphasis in a selected area of study that reflects the student’s particular personal and professional interests. The program is intended for independent-minded, self-directed adult learners who have, at minimum, earned 60 college credits from a regionally accredited college or university.

Before a student is accepted into this program, he or she will propose a program of study consistent with the student’s educational goals which is reviewed and approved by an academic advisor and the Dean of the appropriate academic college or school, or his or her designee, in consultation with faculty from the college. All approved plans will be required to have academic rigor and integrity; be consistent with the broad undergraduate competencies of the academic area granting the degree; and be in harmony with the career or professional goals of the student.

“How do I get in?”

  • Apply for admission to SUU
  • Have a minimum cumulative SUU GPA of 2.0

Students within 15 credits of completing an established SUU major are not eligible to complete a Bachelor of Arts/Science in General Studies degree. However, appeals may be sought with the Dean of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Interested in seeing how the General Studies major might work for you?

Each college has its own academic advisors for General Studies majors. Here is a link to a list of advisors:

If you are not sure where the majority of your upper-division credits reside, contact Katya Konkle (435) 586-5420 for assistance in determining which advisor would be your contact.

To apply/reapply to SUU, visit the Admissions Office’s website at

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