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Concurrent Enrollment

Admission and Registration

Southern Utah University’s Concurrent Enrollment (CE) procedures will undergo significant changes for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic year.

CE students will apply for admission and register for CE courses using SUU’s Banner system, the same system as all SUU students do. CE students will be able to submit all necessary documents and pay applicable fees online. High school counselors will receive training to assist students as needed.

Prior to each semester, SUU will provide the course reference numbers (CRN) for the various CE courses. Students are encouraged to apply for admission early so they can register for courses when registration opens. Registration deadlines may be imposed so that SUU can better plan for faculty scheduling.

For CE classes taught at the high schools, students will register for a CRN unique to their school. However, for online and interactive video classes taught by SUU faculty, seats may be limited, so students will need to register as early as possible to get in the course. In this case, the CRN will be provided to all students at the same time to ensure fairness.

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Admission Standards

SUU requires a 3.0 high school GPA to be admitted into the CE program. No ACT score is required unless the student is registering for a math or English course. A math score of 18 is required for MATH 1010, and 23 is required for MATH 1050. An English score of 17 is required for ENGL 1010. Students are encouraged to take their ACT exams early if they intend to register for math or English courses. SUU’s Residual exam and the Accuplacer exam may serve as substitutes for the ACT exam. Satisfactory performance in certain high school math classes may also serve as a substitute for an ACT score. Once admitted, students must maintain a 2.0 SUU GPA.

SUU charges the same application fee for CE students as for incoming university freshmen. This is a one-time fee. Students will not be charged the fee for admission as freshmen at SUU after high school graduation.

Concurrent Enrollment is available to high school juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (2.5 for Career and Technical Education courses).

Other Policies and Procedures

In general, add/drop dates, refunds, withdrawal, unofficial withdrawal, etc., follow the current SUU policies. No refunds are made for admission fees.

Beginning Fall 2013, students will be charged $5 per credit for all Concurrent Enrollment courses.

CE students are not permitted to repeat a university course while in high school, nor are “incompletes” given to CE students.

CE courses are not available to students whose high school class has graduated.

Grades earned in CE courses become part of the student’s university transcript.

Policies pertaining to academic honesty and plagiarism apply to CE students.

Students are responsible for obtaining and bearing the cost of text books and other course materials.

CE courses typically fall within a general education category. However, not all general education courses satisfy specific requirements of a student’s chosen major. Students are encouraged to consult with an SUU academic adviser to make sure they are making the best decision for their respective goals.

For Teachers and Administrators

SUU is pleased to utilize qualified high school teachers to teach CE courses (adjunct sections at the high school). To be considered, teachers must submit their vita to the office of SUU Online to be forwarded to the respective academic department for review. In general, teachers must have a master’s degree in the discipline being taught, or a master’s degree in general plus 18 credits in the discipline being taught. Certain certifications may be considered.

High school CE teachers will be listed as the instructor of record and be given the necessary credential to enter their grades in Banner at the end of the semester. Be aware that due dates for grade submission are according to SUU’s deadline, not necessarily when the high school term ends.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.