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Request a Canvas Course Shell

Dear SUU Faculty and Staff;

The form below is used by faculty needing a CANVAS shell created with student enrollments by BANNER. Departments and Staff wanting to have a non-academic course shell must contact SUU's CANVAS Administrator, Ean Harker.

If you have any questions we can be reached at or (435) 865-8555.


SUU Online Administrators

Important Information - Troubleshooting

If the Instructor cannot find their course in CANVAS:

  1. The course shell needs to be made visible in the Canvas Course Menu.  The solution:
  2. The Instructor listed not listed as the "Instructor of Record" in Banner/Class Schedule, or the Instructor is a Co-Instructor of the course. The solution:
    • A) If the Instructor is not listed as the primary instructor - please contact the Registrar's office to update the information. Once the change is made in Banner, the update will populate the Instructor into the shell.
    • B) If the Instructor is a Co-Instructor, the primary Instructor will need to submit a population request for this individual.
  3. The shell request is in a creation queue. The solution:
    • Wait. If the shell is not created by 8 am the following business day, contact SUU Online.
  4. The shell request was denied. (Incorrect CRN/ course information.) The solution:
    • Submit a new request.
  5. A shell request was not made. The solution:
    • Submit a request.
  6. Departments/Organization shell requests should have a follow-up call from SUU Online prior to non-academic shell creation.