Student Services Excellence Award

Fall 2008 Award

The Student Services Excellence Committee is pleased to announce Lynn Pruitt as the Fall 2008 recipient of the Student Services Excellence Award. Lynn has been serving student, faculty, and staff in the Country Store since 1997, but assisted in the Bookstore during rush times since 1986! Our last winner, Bob Ogie, had this to say about Lynn:

Fall 2008 Student Services Excellence Award Recipient

I nominate Lynn Pruitt as a candidate for the Spring 2009 Student Services Excellence Award. In performing her duties in the Bookstore Convenience Store, Lynn serves a variety of people: students, staff, faculty, and off-campus visitors. In fact, she probably is one of the few people on campus who serves such a diverse population. Lynn always greets her customers with a warm and friendly smile. When asked, she offers advice on the best buys in the store. And, she always wishes students well when they buy a Scantron or Blue Book for an impending exam. In addition to customer service, Lynn’s duties consist of keeping the shelves fully stocked and the store clean, tasks which she performs both timely and efficiently. When Chartwells opened Outtakes (with higher prices and less variety of merchandise), the business in the convenience store increased dramatically. However, even with this dramatic increase in customers, Lynn has been able to maintain her smile and friendly service. The above reasons are why I am nominating Lynn for this Excellence Award.

We would also like to congratulate our other nominees:

  • Lauri Garfield:
    This individual sincerely cares about each and every person that enters her office. She give her complete time and attention to the needs of those who are seeking her help both professionally and personally. She handles multiple tasks with various departments and does her best to make sure that everything is done above and beyond the needs of those she is assisting. I have personally seen her bend over backwards to help out individuals on campus who have waited till the last minute to reserve a room and make arrangements for events on campus. I have also see her deal with a lot of heat and frustration from some individuals, and she is amazing in helping resolve problems and finding best solutions. This individual truly goes above and beyond in helping off campus businesses, communities, and resources feel welcomed on our campus, which in return takes SUU's warm and caring reputation back to the public. Her incredible professionalism allows those she works with to feel that they are truly of importance and she helps make SUU an enjoyable place to be:)
  • Quinn Mortensen:
    Quinn does amazing things within his role in the Welcome Center. He has put countless hour into the recruitment video and publications that go out to thousands of prospective students.

    He has a personality that is fun to be around and is great at remembering the little things about people.
  • Neuman Duncan:
    Neuman has been working at SUU for over 24 years. He was first hired as the Housing Facilities Manager and has been the Director of Housing & Residence Life for 15 years. As Facilities Manager he became acquainted with the buildings inside and out. His expertise was invaluable when new housing (Eccles) was considered. He knew what worked and what didn't and his input was highly sought after and respected. He also has been a key player in the implementation of new housing (Phase II) currently under construction. His knowledge of Manzanita and Juniper is unique and his expertise has helped with the demolition and remodeling projects of both facilities. Student Resident Assistants and Hall Directors formed a bond of friendship that is unique. Many of them continue to come to him for letters of recommendations or with wedding announcement or baby announcements! They consider him a great mentor and a true friend. When he has had to issue a reprimand or make a de cision with residents who have broken rules, however, he has the unique ability of listening and then giving the resident a chance to change or make the situation better. Many young students enter upset or frustrated and leave with a handshake, smile, and desire to do better. Lastly, Neuman is well respected among his peers and co-workers. He is impeccably honest and has provided a pleasant working atmosphere for all of those who work with him in Housing & Residence Life. I can think of no other person who is more worthy of this honor than Neuman Duncan.
  • Malinda Rhodes:
    I have worked with Malinda over the past few years in awarding many of the single mother, first generation and Utah Ed Disadvantaged scholarships. Malinda is always such a joy to work with. Even during super busy times in Financial Aid when her desk is piled high with paperwork she manages to keep her great sense of humor and welcome every person with a smile. Malinda has helped so many students not only with financial assistance but listening to their struggles with a kind and understanding heart. Malinda often goes the "extra mile" for students and I want her to know how much she is appreciated!
  • Neuman Duncan:
    I have worked in the housing office for 2 1/2 years now with Neuman being the Housing Director. He is efficient and organized and always makes sure that not only the buildings are taken care of but that the students are taken care of as well. He always has time to visit with the students and/or their parents. He knows everything there is to know about the buildings, from how they were built to how to make a new key. He also takes care of his staff. During staff meetings, he almost always as an agenda with a positive thought typed at the top. He makes time for and listens to the concerns of each employee. His knowledge and experience has been the reason that each year all of housing continues to be full with students.
  • Kathy Nelson:
    Kathy serves as Veterans Coordinator on campus and truly loves the veterans she serves. Each year she takes on the huge task of organizing a Veterans' Day program to honor all who have served. This has taken place for 21 years, growing from a small gathering in the Living Room to a full-scale program in the Ballroom that many on campus and in the community look forward to every year.

    Those attending SUU using Veterans Benefits work closely with Kathy, and they know that she genuinely cares about them. Kathy also supervises the student employees in our office, and they know how much she loves them. They adore her as a boss. It's a pleasure working with Kathy.
  • Nicole Funderburk:
    Nicole is one of the hardest workers I know. She is prompt to respond to the needs of co-workers and prospective students. She is forward-thinking and visionary while still being able to embrace traditions - she can see the strengths of an idea and has the ability to add creativity and know-how to make it effective. She is sensitive to others' needs and is willing to step-in and assist with additional responsibilities when our office in under-staffed or over-scheduled. I have no doubt every project she has anything to do with will have the fine touch that comes from her attention to detail.
  • Trudy Smith:
    Trudy is responsible for helping International Students with their admissions processes, but it doesn't stop there. Since I sit in the office next to her, I have the privilege to witness first-hand the lengths that she goes to, to help our International students feel welcome, and well lets just say, like they haven't lost their Mom. I have seen Trudy, on her day off, take an International Student to St. George for emergency root canal - like a good mom would. I have seen her, on her own time, meet a student, to take them shopping and then since they didn't want to eat dinner alone, she spent the time away from her husband to eat dinner with this student - like a mom would do. She will get them to the bank, the bus stop, UPS for shipping rocks home, and just about anything else a good mom would do. She truly is the "International Mom." On top of being the "International Mom", she is a wonderful co-worker and I feel lucky to get to experience her warmth.
  • Sue Bozarth:
    Sue always goes above and beyond to help the students and staff she is in contact with. There are many times that she has stayed late to wait for a transcript request to come through so the student may meet their deadline. She works well with difficult students and is even able to get a few laughs out of them. Sue has even been known to break out into song on occasion.
  • Beverly Anderson:
    I really enjoy working with Beverly. Since I came to Student Services, she has always been more than willing to help me in anyway. I worked with Beverly on Georgia's retirement party, and she went out of her way to make sure things were done correctly.

    Whenever I call Beverly for information, she is always cheerful and accommodating. I have never heard her speak badly about anyone. She is always upbeat and genuinely wanting to help.

    Beverly, you do such a good job representing Student Services and SUU - I know the students you work with benefit from your kindness.

    Thank you for all that you do!!!
  • Kathy Nelson:
    Reason: I respectfully request that this letter serve as the nomination of Kathy Nelson for the Student Services Excellence Award.

    I have worked part-time at SUU in the Registrar's Office for the past 2 1/2 years. Previously, I retired after 26 years of service to another institution that continues to be challenged by unprecedented growth that has unfortunately had a negative impact on its students.

    I have had the privilege of working closely with Kathy as my immediate supervisor. I find her to be a positive, forward thinking individual, who possesses admirable public relations skills and a cheerful demeanor. I have been impressed while dealing with her, sometimes under difficult and demanding circumstances, by her high degree of professionalism. She deals with a high volume of students on a daily basis in addition to numerous other responsibilities as the Assistant Registrar. She does a remarkable job with the Veterans Day program every year which is attended by a number of community members as well as the campus community.

    Kathy makes the extra effort to listen carefully to students and their individual issues. Almost on a daily basis, I see previously enrolled SUU students return to visit with Kathy to share their successes and families with her. Let us never forget that the students are the reason we exist at this institution. Kathy has set the standard for all of us in the office. She is student-oriented and devoted to providing the best possible service to university clientele under all circumstances. I am extremely proud to be associated with Kathy and the SUU community.

    I am hopeful that you will give serious consideration to my nomination and thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
  • Alene Laursen:
    Alene has more compassion and understanding than any person I know...this works well with her service to the students and co-workers as well. She will go the extra mile for the students and regardless of what else is going on in the office or out of the office her attention is on that case at hand...with a smile and cheerful attitude. One very terrific individual
  • Pam Branin:
    Pam has made a huge impact to the success of the Student Services division of SUU. She worked tirelessly to coordinate service projects for over 1300 incoming students during Academic Welcome Week. Through her efforts weeds were pulled, money was raised, costumes repaired, cars washed and toys painted to name a few of the many projects that were completed on that day of service. Pam has done an excellent job inspiring service leaders to make an impact on their community and in others lives by teaching students the importance of being good citizens.
Our appreciation to all those who participated.