Student Services Excellence Award

Fall 2009 Award

Fall 2009 Student Services Excellence Award Recipient

The Student Services Excellence Committee is pleased to announce Beverly Anderson as the Fall 2009 recipient of the Student Services Excellence Award. Beverly has served the University for 20 years and is the personification of student services. She enjoys running, beaded watches, and Diet Dr. Pepper!

We would also like to congratulate all our nominees:

  • Beverly Anderson
    Nominated by Steve Harrison
    Reason: Bev has served SUU since July 1989 when she was hired as Secretary in the department of home economics. Through her time and many roles, including Departmental Advisor, Dean's Secretary and finally now in University Housing, she has exemplified the best of SUU and been a beacon of inspiration and encouragement. Her recent transition within University Housing has proven yet again that her passion and enthusiasm for SUU and its core business - education - is at the heart of what she does every day. Bev proves over and over that she is an indispensable source of institutional memory and support not only for me, but for every student, colleague and parent she comes in contact with throughout a day.
  • Beverly Anderson
    Nominated by Cameron Brown
    Reason: Beverly has a positive attitude that is infectious to other staff members. Beverly as well puts the students concerns at the top of her priorities and genuinely cares about their well-being.
  • Jennifer Ellsworth
    Nominated by Christian Wimmer
    Reason: Jennifer Ellsworth is an extremely valuable asset to Counseling and Psychological Services, the Center for Women and Families, the university, and the community. At CAPS Jennifer has gone beyond her required duties by helping us move in more productive and professional directions. Examples of this include her spearheading of the policy and procedures committee and the therapist training program. If it wasn't for her the policies and procedures manual and our training/professional development program would be nonexistent. Personally, I value Jennifer as a college and as a friend. She does not tolerate mediocrity in her work and whether they like it or not she inspires her colleagues to be and to do more than what is required. I have also noticed Jennifer's determination and hard work surface in her work with the Center for Women and Families. She has spent countless hours doing everything in her power to ensure the success of that office. For her to do so she has had to sacrifice a lot of personal and professional time, which I'm sure, at times, has taken its toll. As a psychologist Jennifer seems to feel an ethical responsibility to both the university and to the community. Her activity level in university committees, events, trainings, classes, presentations, etc. is astounding. This is further demonstrated by her work with local schools, the state, and her private practice. Overall, Jennifer is an outstanding person who clearly deserves to be recognized for her daily efforts.
  • Donna Eddleman
    Nominated by Beverly Anderson
    Reason: It isn't every day that someone graduates from a prestigious university with a doctorate degree. I think this is an amazing accomplishment - considering that Donna also has been effectively overseeing Student Services (during a time of uncertainty and budget cuts)and maintaining her upbeat attitude and terrific personality. I think what she has done is incredible - and she should be recognized. I know she thinks this should be recognition to someone outside her office but it would surely be a fun surprise! She is very deserving.
  • Dana Marchant
    Nominated by Nicole Bingham Funderburk
    Reason: Dana does a superb job of recruiting students to SUU. We constantly encounter students who come to visit campus as a result of Dana's efforts. Without fail, the students comment on how Dana has "changed their life" or is "so amazing". She brings tremendous passion and energy to her work. I have greatly enjoyed working with Dana. She always brings great ideas to the table. Because Dana is located off campus, her effort goes unnoticed. SUU is lucky to have Dana on our team!
  • Brad Niederhauser
    Nominated by Beverly Anderson
    Reason: I can justify my nomination in two words "Juniper Hall." Everyone is aware how old and worn out Juniper Hall is. It falls on the maintenance staff (that's where Brad comes in) to keep it afloat! I say that literally - sometimes pipes break. Brad is quick to respond to a problem and also is respectful of the students' needs and concerns. People who work in the trenches (again - literally) often go unrecognized. Brad is a team player and a faithful employee of SUU.
  • Tonya Taylor
    Nominated by Carolyn Jones
    Reason: Tonya keeps the registers staffed, answers dozens of questions daily about our store, keeps the displays attractive, orders gift merchandise (I'll bet you have seen some of her purses around campus)and runs the Shakespeare Gift Shop in the summer. She always greets customer with a pleasant manner, is knowledgeable about what is available and directs calls and questions to the best qualified person to answer them. She and her husband are among the best fans of all indoor sports at SUU. They can be seen at almost every game or performance.
Thank you to the committee that has served for two years to make this award part of the Student Services Division.

Lee Chamberlain
Meaghan Cottam
Jake Johnson
Alene Laursen
Quinn Mortensen
Dina Nielsen

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