Student Services Excellence Award

Fall 2010 Award

Fall 2010 Student Services Excellence Award Recipient

The Student Services Excellence Committee is pleased to announce Trudy Smith as the Fall 2010 recipient of the Student Services Excellence Award. Trudy has amazed us all with her dedication to International Coordinating. She enjoys golf, frogs, and did we mention golf?  Congratulations Trudy!

We would also like to congratulate all our nominees:

  • Trudy Smith
    Nominated By: Chris Proctor
    Trudy consistently goes above and beyond to assist international students interested in SUU find their way to Cedar City. Once they are here she provides every service from pick up at the airport to shopping at Walmart, to bedside care when ill. This is a truly amazing women with a huge heart that is frequently covered by a tough exterior. Trudy sets the example of customer service and partner relations in action.
  • Trudy Smith
    Nominated By: Kim Freire
    Trudy has been so busy doing international applications and not getting much praise for the job she has done. I really think she deserves an award for what she has gone through.
  • Jane Clark
    Nominated By: Anonymous
     Jane fills several roles in addition to Store Director. She is always trying to find ways to save students money on textbooks. She oversees all receiving & is the textbook manager. Her first concern is always what is best for the store, her employees and the campus community. She is the first to arrive and the last to leave, putting in many more hours than required by her contract. She is working hard to improve our image and to improve the customer service given by bookstore employees. She is working to create better relationships between the bookstore and other entities on campus by meeting with faculty and other offices as needed to create a better understanding of resources we have to offer the campus community.
  • Lynn Pruitt
    Nominated By: Jared Wilcken
    I have always been impressed with Lynn in her various roles at the Bookstore. I don't believe in all the years I've been here I've ever seen Lynn without a smile on her face. Even when things are challenging, she smiles and goes the extra mile to ensure those shopping at the Bookstore or Country Store have a positive experience. She exemplifies quality customer service. She brightens the lives of those shes comes in contact with and that is what each of us should do, regardless of our office or position within Student Services.
  • Holli Adams
    Nominated By: Stephen Allen
    Holli is a hard working, efficient and student centered professional. When asked to assist with with a project or a unique situation dealing with a student, Holli always gets things done efficiently and reports back when the task is accomplished. Recently, Holli helped a returning student who had a unique financial and family situation. Holli worked with this student and his delicate situation. This student was ultimately able to get the aid needed to continue at SUU. Holli probably does not think that her assistance was a big deal, but to this student, it meant the world.
  • Carmen Alldredge
    Nominated By: Lynne Brown
    Carmen is one of the most patient and caring individuals that I have the pleasure of knowing. In her work with students she not only advocates for them yet teaches them to advocate for themselves. This is an especially important skill for students with disabilities. Carmen also goes beyond her assigned tasks to assist students and families who are Spanish-speaking and need direction or support on navigating the SUU system. She is involved wi th the Hispanic Ctr for Academic Excellence, activities that promote diversity and international awareness. Students and faculty/staff appreciate her global perspective and turn to her for insight. Carmen's enthusiasm and willingness to engage in being a part of the campus community and promoting our mission is highly valued.
  • Meaghan Cottam
    Nominated By: Sheila Johnson
    I would like to nominate Meaghan Cottam. Meaghan is the epitome of customer service, always willing to take the time to answer every question or assist in finding the answer if she doesn't know. She is our first point of contact with the myriad of phone calls received daily in the Registrar's Office. Her willingness to find answers to the many, many questions posed daily helps everyone in the office to be able to complete tasks with few er telephone interruptions. I recently had a phone call from a faculty member wishing to express his appreciation for the help she always gives him on the phone. He was very complimentary of her pleasant demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile in getting him any information needed.
  • Teresa Andrews
    Nominated By: Bev Anderson
    Finding rooms and meeting the requests of prospective students, keeping everyone happy (if that's possible), smiling sweetly as parents declare "my student is perfect and will never do anything stupid or wrong", having patience if someone wants to move to a room with a view, (the list goes on and on) -- those are daily occurrences for Teresa Andrews (Housing Operations Specialist in University Housing). She handles all of this with a smile and does the best she can to keep everyone (with numerous and varied needs and wants)happy and content with their living accommodations. She goes above and beyond what is required and expected, especially during the month of August when rooms are finalized and students begin to check-in. When complimentary e-mails are sent and small tokens of appreciation are given - they are all directed to Teresa. She is amazing! And she is greatly appreciated and valued highly in University Housing.
Thank you to the committee that has served for two years to make this award part of the Student Services Division.

Pam Branin
Mark Taylor
Barb Gray
Beverly Anderson
Amber Holman
Liz McNaughtan