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Biofeedback means "feedback from the body." Biofeedback can be particularly useful in increasing our capacity to relax. This type of feedback from our body is usually ignored unless it becomes quite intense like a sick stomach or a painful headache. Biofeedback training allows the student to become aware of the body's signals before they become too intense and to take action to relieve the stress before it becomes debilitating.

During each session at the biofeedback lab, the student's stress response will be monitored using a biofeedback instrument (e.g. Emwave). The Emwave program is used to measure heart rate variability. During periods of stress or negative emotionality, heart rate generally increases. In contrast, during periods of emotional well-being, heart rate generally decreases to an optimal level.

Being aware of this ongoing information about the body helps you learn how to regulate some of the internal tension you are experiencing. Biofeedback training involves the development of a skill. We suggest you come in for a weekly Biofeedback session and then practice relaxing a few minutes each day.

Some Online Resources

Stress Management Relaxation Exercises - This site by Wellness Proposals includes a variety of relaxation exercises and recordings you can use in a variety of places including at home, in between classes, on your lunch break at work, etc.

The Mindful Way Through Anxiety Exercises  - This is a link to recordings and guided exercises which accompany the book The Mindful Way Through Anxiety, by Orsillo and Roemer.  These exercises may help you start building a practice of mindfulness.

Relaxation Recordings - The Counseling Center at BYU has put together a collection of recordings to walk you through various relaxation activities.  These activities include body scan, self-hypnosis, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and more. 

Relaxation CDs

The following relaxation CDs can be checked out for 3 school days. They can be found at the front desk of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) which is located in the Sharwan Smith Center, room 168. After 3 school days a HOLD will be placed on the student’s account. Students will then be charged $1.00 per school day until the CD is returned. Maximum fine is $25.00.

CD Titles Techniques Publishers
Abolishing Anxiety, Disc 1 Information & workshop on reducing anxiety and worry
Abolishing Anxiety, Disc 2 part 1 Information & workshop on reducing anxiety and worry
Abolishing Anxiety, Disc 2 part 2 Information & workshop on reducing anxiety and worry
Break Time Breathing, autogenics,
Calm Down *PMR, breathing, meditation, performance rehearsal
Easing Into Sleep General relaxation for insomnia, autogenics, visualization
Finding Serenity, Disc 1 Lecture & workshop on relaxation & stress
Finding Serenity, Disc 2 Lecture & workshop on relaxation & stress
I Am: Awakening Self Acceptance Lecture & workshop on self-acceptance
Letting Go of Stress *PMR, visualization, autogenics, breathing
Stress Management *PMR, autogenics, visualization, music Compiled
Trip to the Beach Visualization Beth Freschi
Worry Stoppers Visualization, body scan, breathing
Music Only
Awakenings David Miles Huber
Distant Thunder David Miles Huber
Mountain Serenity David Miles Huber
Ocean Voyages David Miles Huber
Tropical Rainforests David Miles Huber
ESCAPE TO SERENITY: Thundering Rainstorm Eclipse Music Group, Inc.