Counseling and Psychological Services

Senior Staff

Curtis Hill, Ph.D.
As a counseling psychologist, Curt received training in models of development specifically geared toward the college student experience. Following a primarily phenomenological/existential approach, Curt's areas of interest include; the central role of relationships in the change process, counseling, career development, family relationships, and advocating for the developmental needs of students.

De Nean Petersen, LCSW
De Nean provides individual and group therapy from a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) approach, which emphasizes interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. In addition to DBT, De Nean’s areas of professional interest include bereavement, anxiety, and providing outreach and consultation services to students living in on-campus housing.

Susan Garner, LCSW
Susan has experience working with individuals who are struggling with depression and anxiety, and experiencing problems related to body image, self-esteem, and histories of abuse. She also enjoys addressing these issues and other mental health concerns at a community level through outreach programs.

Jennifer Ellsworth, Ph.D.
Jennifer's areas of professional interest include individual and group therapy with college students who are experiencing depression, family of origin problems, interpersonal and relationship difficulties, eating disorders, and histories of abuse. She is the Training Director at CAPS and enjoys and supervising and training graduate students in mental health fields.

Blaine Edwards, CMHC

Blaine is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who works from a relational and modern Gestalt perspective. Blaine values the relationship as one of the most important factors in the counseling process. His professional interests include group and individual counseling, the career decision making process, and all aspects of college student development.   

Kevan LaFrance, Ph.D.
Kevan approaches therapy from an existential perspective, which focuses on the client's sense of meaning and purpose. He emphasizes the importance of developing a strong client-therapist relationship as foundational to the process of counseling. He uses strategies that focus on enhancing self-awareness and improving overall health and functioning. He has worked with a variety of clients with anxiety and stress management issues, depression, relationships and communication, and the grief process. In his spare time, Kevan enjoys reading, watching movies and/or TV (Chuck, Firefly, and Doctor Who top the list), and grilling.

Doctoral Interns

Mindy Pearson, MS, Doctoral Student

Mindy is a fifth-year doctoral psychology intern from Brigham Young University. She provides individual, group, and couples counseling, as well as outreach, biofeedback, and assessment at CAPS. She co-facilitates the Trauma Recovery, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Understanding Self and Others groups. She also teaches students how to use CAPS’ biofeedback lab for stress relief. Mindy approaches therapy from an integrative perspective, pulling from cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, existential, and interpersonal theories.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies, and training for half-marathons.

Michelle Stone, MA, Doctoral Student

Michelle is a doctoral psychology intern from the University of Indianapolis. She provides individual, group, and couples therapy at CAPS, as well as personality and learning disability assessments. She co-facilitates an Understanding Self and Others group as well as assists with the LGBTQA Support/Discussion Group. Her approach to therapy is selectively integrative, building mostly from a foundation in psychodynamic theory. Areas of special interest include projective testing, issues related to disordered eating and body image, and developing healthy relationships. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys sketching and reading.