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College is more than just computers and classrooms. It's about people and experiences. Become part of an intellectual community before you ever step a foot on campus with Learning Communities at University Housing. By placing students with similar academic and social interests on the same floor of University Housing, you’ll more easily meet the T-Birds who will soon become lifelong friends.

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In addition to surrounding yourself by peers of similar interests, students who live in Learning Communities gain special access to SUU professors and staff, exclusive programming and services, and invites to targeted social events, all at no additional cost.

Additionally, according to a national study of Living-Learning Programs (NSLLP, Thursday, April 8, 2010), students who live in learning communities are far more likely to succeed during their college years:

  • These students experience a smooth transition into their new environment.
  • They build, maintain and utilize important social networks.
  • Their relationships with professors and mentors are enhanced by an increased access to assistance.
  • And they are more likely to feel at home while away from home, perceiving their residence hall as academically and socially supportive.

Art & Design

Surround yourself with the creative and draw inspiration from those around you by joining a community of artists in the Art & Design Hall.

  • Find similarly creative people who love to create, imagine and explore.
  • Stay in touch with the campus and local arts communities.
  • Contribute your energy and talents to a dynamic and growing department.

Members of the Art & Design Community are housed in Cedar Hall.

Campus Connections

College is about making connections. As a resident of Campus Connections, you will be introduced right away to SUU culture and community. You will be involved in a diverse community accessible to all majors and interests.

  • Receive consistent information about on-campus activities and events
  • Have access to an on-floor Resident Assistant, a fellow student who already knows the ropes
  • Make new friends and find new interests as part of a diverse living community

Future residents are encouraged to look at the more specialized Learning communities in making their housing decision.

Members of the Campus Connections Community are housed in all on-campus housing options. Ponderosa Terrace is devoted entirely to this community.

Creativity & Innovation

In Creativity and Innovation, you will learn, think, and do things that nobody has done before – all the time. If you are an accounting major that invents, a poetry major that builds circuit boards, or a Spanish major in a garage band, you will fit right in. It doesn’t matter what you study; it’s what you make.

  • Attend monthly presentations by creative professionals – who innovate inside and out of their field
  • Participate in (or head) problem-solving and creative project teams with floor members
  • Network with inventors, innovative entrepreneurs, designers, and builders

The Creativity and Innovation Community is partnered with the Creativity and Innovation Center.

Members of the Creativity & Innovation Community are housed in Cedar Hall.

Global Village

The Global Village places students together who are interested in exploring new cultures and developing a global awareness.

  • Broaden your horizons while building relationships with students from all over the world.
  • Gain the background and tools to tackle shared global problems by participating in campus events, exhibits and lectures and by joining in community volunteer work and study abroad programs with friends of varied social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Join a friendly and caring community where cultural diversity and respect for difference is valued.

Members of the Global Village are housed in Eccles Living Learning Center.

Honors Hall

Honors Hall is a Living/Learning Community reserved for members of the SUU Honors program. With an established commitment to academic success, year-round activities and community service opportunities, Honors Hall is a reassuring and inspirational backdrop for your college experience.

  • Live with other honors students in a fun, supportive environment.
  • Gain access to the exclusive Honors Hall computer lab and study room.
  • Enjoy extra hall activities and programs co-sponsored by the University Honors program.
  • Develop supportive friendships that will last a lifetime.

Members of the Honors Hall are housed in Eccles Living Learning Center.

Language & Culture Community

The Language & Culture Community is designed for students who speak or plan to study Spanish, French or German. Get the most of your studies by immersing yourself in the languages and cultures you will be studying.

  • Practice everyday conversational speaking with your roommates and friends.
  • Enjoy weekly activities led by upper division language arts students.
  • Practice your language with and learn from others who may be more advanced speakers of your foreign language.
  • Study abroad without going abroad – experience other languages and cultures from the comfort of your own home.

Members of the Language & Culture Community are housed in Eccles Living Learning Center.


The Leadership Community develops student leaders. You will be placed on track to interact with and learn from current student leaders.

  • Live with other student  leaders
  • Attend leadership seminars and speakers to develop your leadership ability
  • Be individually matched with a leadership organization on campus
  • Work with upperclassman leaders who serve as peer mentors

Students seeking to live in the Leadership Community should try to attend a Leadership Weekend for high school seniors. Information available at: http://www.suu.edu/ss/admission/weekend/

The Leadership Community is partnered with the office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

Members of the Leadership Community are housed in Eccles Living Learning Center.

Outdoor Adventures

The Outdoor Adventure learning community is for students who thrive in outdoor adventure and want to explore and learn about Southern Utah through hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, mountain biking, skiing, hunting, and other outdoor pursuits.  Students in this active community will:

  • live with others who have a passion for the outdoors creating lifelong friendships
  • develop an appreciation for Southern Utah's wild lands
  • learn about Southern Utah's natural history
  • develop leadership and technical adventure skills
  • explore Southern Utah by adventuring and volunteering in National Parks, National Forests, BLM, and State Parks
  • have priority access to SUU's climbing wall, SUU Outdoor Trips and equipment
  • participate in IIC volunteer and career development opportunities

Members of the Service Community are housed in Eccles Living Learning Center.

Rural Health

The Rural Health Scholars provides pre-health students with enhanced advising, medically-related community service, leadership opportunities, research projects, patient exposure experiences, and test preparation. 

  • Live in an engaging community with other pre-health students.
  • Receive assistance finding meaningful job shadowing experiences or internships.
  • Participate in cultural immersion experiences through trips that expose students to culturally diverse health care settings.

Preference will be given to individuals belonging to the Rural Health Scholars Program (fee of  $187.50 per semester). As a member of RHS we encourage you to join this supportive community.

Members of the Service Community are housed in Cedar Hall.

Science & Engineering

As a member of the Science and Engineering community, you will live side-by-side with students who share the same challenging coursework that you do. Study groups and support will be built in to make sure that you succeed in your university experience.

  • Meet students enrolled in the same courses you are
  • Form study groups and get help from nearby residents
  • Have access to faculty and staff support from inside your field

Members of the Science Community are housed in Cedar Hall.


The Service Hall brings students together who are all looking to make a difference in the lives of others.

  • Participate in hands-on service activities with your friends and neighbors.
  • Connect with mentors and professionals in the non-profit and public service communities.
  • Contribute to positive community changes.
  • Gain real life work experience and leadership skills.
  • Have priority registration for Alternative Spring and Holiday Breaks (humanitarian service trips across the U.S., Canada and Mexico).
  • Be the first to know about Service & Learning Center programs and opportunities.

Members of the Service Community are housed in Cedar Hall.

Housing Application

Applying for housing is easy! First browse the housing options available, then simply log-in to myHousing and complete an online application for the semester in which you plan to arrive. To apply, you will need:

  • Your SUU Account Login Credentials (Don't have an account? Activate it now. Then return to this screen to login.)
  • A credit or debit card to submit a $50 application fee

Modify Existing Housing Application

If you've already applied for housing, don't worry! You can modify your application and join a community by simply completing the form below.

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