Housing Options (select one to view)

Cedar Hall

Suite-style facility that encourages a close knit community.

starting at $1,595*

Eccles Living Learning Center

Apartment style living fostering personal growth and community development.

starting at $1,450*

Ponderosa Terrace

A more independent lifestyle with the benefits of living on campus.

starting at $1,275*

Make Great Friends

  • 17 common recreational, leisure and study spaces
  • Numerous Resident Hall Association events & activites
  • Learning Communities allow for easy group study & shared experiences

Get Places Quickly

  • A 1 to 10 minute walk to campus buildings or events
  • Convenient access to retailers and campus resources
  • Prime vehicle parking around residence halls

Feel Safe & Secure

  • Entries locked 24/7 + regular patrol by Campus Police
  • Security cameras in common areas and emergency systems
  • Community Standards mutually upheld to promote a mature & civil community

*Prices based on 2014-2015 academic year rates as approved by Southern Utah University Board of Trustees.

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