SUU Orientation


Bree Pitkin

Orientation Assistant

Major: Communication
Hometown: Henderson, NV
Year in School: Junior

Favorite thing about SUU: The professors are the best.  I've had professors give out their personal email address and cell phone numbers for students who need help. They always have office hours and will do all they can so you achieve your best.

Biggest Freshman Mistake: Cedar City is very windy. It was my first week in Cedar and I didn’t know this fact. I was wearing a very flowy loose dress. I was walking to church and had to hold my dress down so it wouldn’t fly up. When I let go of my dress to open the church doors a HUGE gust of wind came and blew the bottom of my dress up over my head. Right in front of 4 boys. I quickly yanked my dress down. All I could say to these gentleman as I ran by them in embarrassment was "Shoot, it sure is windy out there."

Piece of Advice: Do not wait until school starts to look for a job. Call EVERYWHERE and give them your resume. Come to the Career Center and get advice on how to build a strong resume and how to be a competitive applicant.

Also stay up to date with your classes, meet with your professors and don’t put off homework and reading your textbook. You'll learn so much more and be able to enjoy your classes without stressing out :) After all, you are paying for it!